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why doesn't communism work?

and in which scenarios could it work?

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    Communism doesn't work and has never existed in it's pure form, the way Marx intended. True communism calls for no government. The problem is that concept would rely on humanity being truly altruistic. Since we all know that's not possible for the species as a whole, communism can't exist.

    The closest to it is the Star Trek world.

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    It doesn't work because it relies too heavily on socialism for it's monetary/possessions conscript. And too much socialism has no room for corruption. If most don't buy into the system and play honest in it, then it can not work. On the other hand Capitalism plays on our baser human instincts in a way... those willing to get ahead can use/walk all over people to move ahead... which allows for plenty of corruption without affecting the effectiveness of the system. The problem with capitalism is that it requires that someone always be on the bottom to be trampled. This is why a healthy balance of capitalism to push a nation forward and socialism to help take care of those on the bottom being trampled by the system, should be maintained.

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    It doesn't work because the needs and aspirations of the individual have no value. Achievement is hollow. If a person wanted to aspire to be, say a journalist, that aspiration wouldn't be considered if society currently needed dung shovelers instead.

    Imagine being in school and no matter what effort you put into yout studies, you will be a C student just like everybody else. What is the point to studing if you will end up passing anyway?

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    Everyone gets the same, even though their skill and work are different. This makes everyone lazy and apathetic.

    There is reward only for ideological conformity. If you are a real suck up and a "pure" thinking Marxist, you get extra goodies. Then, you get more goodies for being a stoolie against people who are intellectual or religious. This makes a ruling class of closed minded thugs.

    Communism can't ever work anywhere, because it is contrary to human nature. It sounds nice on paper, though.

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    No it does not work. Even communists themselves knew about that in the former USSR.

    That is why people have chosen capitalism there. GORBACHEV !!! Thank you very much !!!

    I think only Christianity can lead to a perfect society where people would work not for money but for the necessity of being in help to other people. But this will never happen too.

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    Communism doesn't work because

    1) It doesn't acknowledge God

    2) It makes the whole responsible for the irresponsibility of the part so the part never learns and the whole gives up because no matter what they do they pay for errors of the part.

    3) It doesn't reward hard work and responsible behavior.

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    There is no motivation for the populous to work hard. You cannot out compete others to get ahead. Why work hard if you get nothing for it?

    It worked in Russia (for a while) because of the brutal dictatorship motivated its citizenry with fear.

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    as with any economic or political system, there is NO pure example to spotlight. they are all theory, with varying degrees of similarity to the original concept.

    seeking black and white answers in a shades of gray reality is fruitless. for example...the current, "communist", government of China, may be best described as a self- serving dictatorship, by committee. ruthless when threatened; but, benevolent where unchallenged. they are fine-tuning a "hybrid" form of single-party, faux-freedom with market driven incentives economic model.

    or more simply put...dream to be wealthy, go for it; but, don't involve yourself too deeply with who governs you. it's not communism. it's not capitalism. it's not democracy. though it contains elements of all three.

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    it doesn't work because it's stupid. who wants to pay the way for dead beats using their own hard work? This only works in a situation where you have a dictator or some force who can enforce power over enough people to MAKE them work for low wages, low quality of life, and low standards of living.

    Source(s): The world over the last 2,000 yrs.
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    it could work in a vacuum bereft of any other political ideology

    any political system is flawed - that's why Democracy is the best bet as it is more organic and adaptable to evolve

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