i went to a doctor had a MRI he said i had a possable medial meniscal tear he wants to operate ... anyone?

ever have this done and what are the results ..my knee bothers me when i run so i quit running he said therapy wont help is this true???dont want to get operated on but willit get worse ..appreciate any advise thank you

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    Ask your doc for the copy of the MAJOR medical study published last year (in JAMA or NEJM) that showed that surgery for this type of knee injury is no more effective than placebo therapy! If he will not (or can not) give you a copy - you know the truth about his professionalism.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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    People don't read links on here, they read a headline and MAYBE a paragraph or two... Obviously we would all go with the 97% and have the tumor removed. Besides, having a doctor removing your tumors is socialist. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do it yourself.

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    If the cartilage is torn, therapy isn't going to "untear" it. Cartilage does not heal.

    If it bothers you enough, have the surgery, If not, don't. It's your knee.

    Source(s): I'm an anesthesiologist. http://www.medicalminutepodcast.com
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