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Is Derek Jeter overrated?

I am a huge Jeter fan and I do not think that he is overrated. Jw what everyone else thinks.

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    Yeah, definitely overrated.

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    The concept of being over rated is dependent on two things, his actual performance and the opinion of the person rating him.

    If you say Jeter is a 'good' shortstop, you are underrating him.

    If you say that Jeter is the best shortstop in history, you are over rating him.

    For the most part, most Yankee fans will over rate him because you see him every game and just can't imagine life without him.

    However, if the Yankees had Garciaparra and the Red Sox had Jeter, I am sure you would have felt the same way about Nomar.

    Jeter is a very good player, adept at getting on base, running the bases well. He doesn't have a ton of power and as such, isn't put into those key slots where RBIs come, yet, he manages to drive in quite a few runs annually.

    He is a moderate to poor defensive player RIGHT NOW, but has been above average in the past.

    If you are a 'huge Jeter fan' then the chances are better that you rate him higher than reality, but every team would be better off with him than without him for sure.

    He should finish his career with a .310 average, probably in the neighbourhood of 3400 hits as well. He may even score close to 2000 runs and drive in 1300. As long as he doesn't retire early (or bet on baseball), he should definitely get into the HOF.

    He is a very good player, but he's still the second best SS on the Yankees alone.

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    Derek Jeter is definitely not overrated in NYC.

    Outside NYC, I don't think anyone cares about him at all, and would say that he is overrated to whoever is the local hero.

    Personally (not in NYC, not a Yankees fan, hate the yankees actually), I think Jeter is a great player not just for his stats. The Yanks would be a lesser team without him.

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    Let me answer the question by saying simply this. Jeter is an extremely effective defensive short stop. At times he is outstanding. He is a leader of men and the captain of the greatest sport franchise on earth.

    He has a lifetime batting average of .318 and will no doubt, by the end of his career, become a member of the 3000 hit club. He is one of the best clutch hitters in all of baseball. Already he has been a part of 6 American League Championship teams and 4 World Championship teams. If he never played another inning he is already a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.

    With all of this on his resume, how could anyone think he is overrated?

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    Well I dont think he would get as much attention and be called as great as he is if he wasnt on the Yankees. But as far as all the hype about how important he is to a team, thats definitely not an exaggeration. Im a HUGE Yankee fan and I wouldnt want anyone else starting shortstop when 2008 comes.

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    What "Mick 7" said...I could not say it any better! Is he as good today as he was at 24? In some ways I would say that he is better, he is a smarter player but he may not be as fast as he was, he can still get his hits, he still makes a lot of plays but he has always saved his best for the postseason! People expect to see the Oakland A's play every game, that is a once in a lifetime play...his defensive numbers are not nearly as high as they once were but playing where he does would drag down anyone's numbers; the pressure does take a little away from a player.

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    He's very overrated, people act like he's one of the best to ever lace up a pair of cleats. Jeter couldn't hold Joe Dimaggio's jock.

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    He is one of the elite four shortstops in MLB. The best shortstop in the game right now is probably Hanley Ramirez with Jeter, Rollins, and Reyes right behind. I would not say Jeter is overrated.

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    I can't stand the Yankees, but Jeter is a gamer. He bats .300 every year, has close to 200 hits every year, about 100 RBI every year, and produces runs every year. Plus he is clutch in the playoffs. The only weakness is that he is an average defensive shortshop. But he is definitiely a hall of famer.

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    Of coarse he's overrated. I dont want to hear that crap about him winning ws championships because Luis Sojo has as many rings as jeter does...he hits for high avg and scores a lot of runs....anyone hitting 2nd for that team can do that.

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    No he's not!!!!!! I love Jeter. But my completely unbiased opinion is that he is a good player who can hold his own both at the plate and in the field. Any team would be happy to have him.

    Besides, he's practically the face of baseball, you see him on everything! In commercials, on sports boxes, on girls' bedroom walls... I think he's great.

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