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describe a bad pot high?

i've been smoking this same green lately that idk makes me feel retarded, like literally. i can't describe it, I feel paranoid and stupid u think its the green??? have you ever had bad highs

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    Yes i have!

    It was so weird... Your right it is so hard to explain but ill try to explain mine... I started hallucinating first.. Like i just saw visions of random things mostly just the people i was with doing random things... Then I started freaking out because it felt as if i was in a dream and kept waking up but never actually waking up...It felt as if i was having flashbacks...cause i was but there were flashbacks of what was happening in front of me...(this has to be the hardest thing to explain) i also had blurred peripheral vision... I was pretty scared lol.. I was mostly scared i was going to stay like this forever... I couldn't feel anything it was retarded. And yes i was really paranoid... Time slowed down so much everbody was talking and yelling at me...

    People say its impossible to trip on maryjane like that but i did.. ITs better described as an acid trip, shrooms, or pcp..

    I know it wasnt laced because it didnt happen to anyone else that was doing it...

    I have heard of a lot of people getting the Paranoia thing usually after not smoking for a while and staring up again... But never the fuc*ed trip i had.

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    You just got some Triple A stuff,,,,,enjoy it!! It's like an indica high, which is more 'stoned', while a sativa high is more active/hyper. Try switching to some different stuff to see if you like it better. Personally, the only 'bad' high I've ever had from pot was not getting anything off it at all. Also, if it crackles when you're burning it, that means the grower didn't flush the plants properly after fertilizing. That can change the high too.

    EDIT: Also, some folk are saying it might be laced with another drug; doubt it! You get laced joints when you are at a party smoking whatever comes around. You do not pay for straight pot and get jacked-up pot from any dealer who's trying to make money.

  • There's no such thing as a "bad" high, but there is such a thing as wasting your life for the sake of smoking pot.

    If pot makes you feel retarded, paranoid, and stupid, then perhaps you should find something else to do with your free time. Go outside and play. Maybe read a book. Learn to play Backgammon. Bake some cookies. Build a birdhouse.

    Source(s): Been there, done that, quit that, now I'm a cynical bastard with an attitude problem.
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    wow like the excat same thing happend to me like the girl right above this and the first guy. i smoked so much all the time and then one day. BAM it hit me i was fainting every 5 sec i coyldnt even walk or i would faint and i had really blurred vision and i felt like i was in a dream. i kno it wasnt laced cause i had to go to the emergency room and all that came up was mary jane. and then after that i tried smoking again and the exact thing hapened and so far i have never done it since. does anyone no what could cause thiss?

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    Maybe? The first time I smoked some dank headies, they had deep auburn trichomes and a **** ton of crystals. I was just really really baked and I've never been that high before so it was weird, but you just have to roll with it. Paranoia is an adverse effect of smoking, yet only if you are smoking too much really. Stop smoking for a week and then jump back on that horse hahahahah.

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    i was the biggest pot smoker in my city, everyone knew me and my sister as the best blunt rollers around. I was smoking CONSTANTLY in highschool, my entire life revolved around it.

    Then one day i guess i smoked too much or something but i basically FREAKED OUT! which was odd for me because i could smoke any body under the table, i started having a panic attack, i thought i was dying, i couldnt breathe, i had blurred vision, i was seeing things in frames, i had to call my girlfriend to come and pick me up and take me home,

    i sat on the stairs for about an hour thinking i was dying waiting for my mom to come home (she smoked bud to) i told her that i was tweeking out and she got me to bed,

    the next morning i was talking to her and she said my aunt had the same issue when she was my age and couldnt smoke anymore,

    Of course i was like " of course i can still smoke, i am the mj queen" but it was never the same again, no matter what type of bud i smoked i would freek out. i tried and tried and tried, occasionally if i am drinking i can hit the low grade stuff and be OK, but other than that,, NOTHING.

    i think it was my body telling me that its time to grow up and quit smoking, its been 3 years and i think its the best thing i could have done for myself.. its a lot easier than you think to quit.. most of my friends still do and it doesnt bother me. you really can "just say no"

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    Maybe you're smoking too much? Paranoia is common for pot smokers, and it doesn't exactly make you smarter....

    I get really paranoid if I smoke and I'm alone, and I tend to become a lot less intelligent if I smoke a fat bowl. One or two hits, and it's a totally different story tho.

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    I've had bad highs but not off green. There might be something else in it but I think feeling retarded while being high is pretty normal.

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    it is probably not quality bud. most shwag makes me feel stupid but the dank doesn't. Also depending on what type of high you are looking for, you can smoke certain species of bud to give you that effect. Sativa strains give you a head high, while indica strains give you a body high or couch lock. Also depending on when the plant is harvested the effects can be intensified or dulled.

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    Prolonged pot usage creates paranoia as a rule of thumb. It is a documented study. You CAN smoke too much. You may have pot laced with an additive of some sort too.

    Yes, it is the green, as with all things use in moderation!!

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