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Does facial hair grow faster when you're sick?

Does facial hair grow at a faster rate when you're under the weather?

It seems to, with me at least?

Does anyone know?

Why or why not?

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    Yes. In theory, it should grow faster, because the facial hair, the nails and the hair are dead cells that the body sends out. If you're sick, the virus or bacteria kills cells, and virus reproduces and it's like a war inside you...your body defenses against the viruses and the bacteria.

    Like a war, there are many deaths and your body has to send this dead cells for somewhere, and they go to nails, and hair, and facial hair... That's why, when you're sick, facial hair and nails , and hair grow faster... It happens to when you, for example, do sports very often.

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    now I have never heard of that one before . it seems if your under the weather alot I'm not saying you are but if perhapps then I would say you would have to be very hairie.

    now I know if one is on medicines and they have to stay on it for good I do know the hair will grow like this I have seen.

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    when ur sick, ur body take it upon itself to heal itself when you are asleep. you will sleep very hard and in turn your facial hair will grow faster because of the bodies healing process

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  • I think it depends on tha person but prob not

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    no it doesnt grow faster with my father

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