Finding a absent parent..where to start..? boyfriend and I are looking for his biological father. My boyfriend was born in Los Angeles, California. When he was about maybe 3 or 4 his mother moved to North Carolina. He has not heard or seen his father since. He wouldn't know what he looked like if he passed him on the street. He would like to find him, but we keep hitting dead ends and my boyfriend is desperate to find if he may have brothers, sisters, neices, etc. Also..we are getting married in April and figure if his father would WANT TO see him again..this would be perfect. (only if he wanted to) I need to know what to do because his family is be MUM about why they moved back to NC and on details about the father. The mother claims to know NOTHING. We think its a lie because she not the type of person to just slep with someone like that. (Just got to know her to know what I'm talking about) Also..his name is on the birth certificate...His name is Lee Carson Clayton. Only information we gathered from his mother is that she supposedly said he is from Magnolia, Arkansas. We have tried Zabasearcha and other search engines and keep hitting dead ends. We need suggestions or HELP on what to do. Last option is to hire a detective because they are EXPENSIVE. Need HELP or suggestions for those that have been thru similar situation! PLEASE! Would mean so much!


I would like to say that we have already tried peoplefinder I need more ideas OUTSIDE THE BOX!

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    You can find anyone online, but you will have to pay for it. Google "find someone" and it will bring up all the sites, the cost ranges from 29.00 on up.

    Here's one to start with, called

    EDIT: Sorry I tried to help you. Google is all I do to find answers. Have a great holiday!

    Next time I won't offense meant.

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    I am a search angel and I help families and friends reunite.

    I have responded to Julian on the other site he began the search. Please contact me so I can bring you up to date on what info I have found. Please do not pay any money to search until you have exhausted what I am looking at first.

    Hope I can help,

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