Do we have Jungles in Australia?

According to farmgirl we have no Jungles in Australia. Any one wanna back this up.. or dispute it? Or should we just blame it on language differences? For more info check out her question.

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    "Jungle usually refers to a dense forest in a hot climate, such as a tropical rainforest." But, to be clear, "Not all regions called 'jungles' would qualify as 'rain forests.'"

    That being said, there are temperate rain forests in "Southeastern Australia (Tasmania/Victoria), and Western New Zealand (South Island's west coast)."

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    Sorry but in the North East corner there is tropical rainforest. Not much but a little.

    The term jungle refers to areas in tropical rainforest where sunlight reaches the forest floor and vines, and other forest floor plants grow, thus becoming a thick mat. Such areas occur at the rivers edge, and locations where large trees have fallen down, often taking out several neighbors.

    In most of the tropical rain forest the forest floor is relatively bare since the trees are so thick not enough sunlight can reach the ground for many plants to grow.

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    A jungle refers to a tropical rainforest. Yes. Up North there are lush tropical jungles with lots of colourful birds.

    Also, down south there is snow in the mountains by the way, and Australia isnt a desert place, nobody lives in the desert and more people live in the cities than farms.

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    "Jungle" is a Hindi word and originally meant "waste ground". From there it came to mean waste ground covered in tangled plants in which animals could take cover. Hollywood has expanded the meaning further and changed it a little. A simple definition would be "country you need a machete to get through". With that definition, Australia has jungles on the edges of the rainforests and in cleared areas which are regrowing. Much of the country in and around Kakadu national park could be considered jungle in the wet season.

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    Australian Jungle

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    There are rainforests in Northern Australia but I don't know if you could call them jungles.

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    We done our jungle training training at Canungra,I guess they thought it was enough like a jungle to train us there.

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    we have



    rain forest


    bloody mulga

    & graising

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    1 decade ago the northern part of australia....check on da web to know da exact it....hope tht helped...

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    Oh, a couple 'a kiwis!!

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