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請問有冇人知 BILL OF LADING 同 SEAWAY BILL 有咩分別 ???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    如果你申請Bill of Lading,你個consignee要收到你既正本提單至可以提貨!

    如果你申請Seaway Bill,你個consignee就唔洗用正本,只要證明到佢係consignee就都可以提貨,但通常要同船公司有一定既合作至可以申請Seaway Bill。

    但如果你個客人好急提貨,但你又寄唔切正本提單,船公司又唔肯同你做Seaway Bill,咁你可以做Telex Release,一般都有收費,Telex Release同Seaway Bill一樣都可以唔洗正本Bill of Lading就可以提貨!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Normally, you can get the goods from the shipping company upon presentation of the Bill of Lading sent by your overseas seller. However, due to some urgent issue, your overseas seller can request and send a document, Seaway Bill, to the shipping company to release the goods to even no Bill of Lading is presented by you. The seller undertakes to the shipping company for any loss or obligations thereof for such discharge of goods to you.

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