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6. Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?

8.what can you tell me about yourself?

9. what subects have liked most in your courses

at IVE

10. what are your strengths/ weaknesses?

11. what do you expect to be doing in year time?







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    Despite the answers above are satisfactory, however I would like to further polish them and maximize your chances to succeed in the 2nd round of your interview. I have a major in Human Resources Management and I hope that I can help you out here!

    6.Do you prefer working with others or by yourself? [working abroad should go to Question 8]

    I prefer to work in teams. I believe that collaboration in efforts will contribute to a higher level of quality with regards to productivity. I understand that interpersonal skills and communication plays a very significant role in team work in order for it to be deemed successful. I am certain that i possess these competencies and have absolute confidence being able to help your company achieve business goals through working with others.

    8.What can you tell me about yourself?

    My name is XXX, I am XX years old. I have worked for XXXX Company as an electrician for ten years. After years of experience I understand the importance of being focused, dedicated, loyal and hard working. I know what it takes to accomplish things and I am prepared to give this job all that I have. It is with no doubt that I am very interested in this position at your company. My interests were stimulated by the outstanding image that your company has demonstrated as an employer of choice. Other than that I would like continue to challenge myself, my goal is to be able to work abroad, to expand my horizons and achieve much more in the near future!

    9. Sorry I cant help you out with this question as I don't know exactly what IVE courses teach. You are your own here. Make it clear, coherent and simple!

    10. What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

    Over the years of employment, I have discovered my strengths to be embedded within my knowledge for electrical applications, skills for communicating and the ability to make decisive actions at the right time. However I do fall short when it comes to working in environments that consist of overly repetitve work. I do not mind doing the same work day after day, but a level of empowerment or job rotation would spice things up for me and ensure greater motivation for work excellence.

    11. What do you expect to be doing in a years time? [was there a typo in the question?]

    Quite frankly, within a years time, I would really appreciate it if your company would generously offer this job to me and allow me to do what I do best! I expect myself to be meeting your company's standards and exbiting exemplary performance. I thank you very much for your time and interview, and I look foward to being part of such great company!

    [幫助貴公司有良好的發展 - that sounds too exaggerated or fake in english, so i omitted it]

    Source(s): University of Toronto - Employment Relations Major ^^ Good Luck! Be calm and confident! You can do it!
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    我轉左喇, 不過唔係直譯, 我係將你既意思用較合適既語氣同字句譯成英文, 希望幫到你\



    I am interested in working overseas because it is very challenging.


    My name is XXX and I am XX years old. I have been working as computer technician at XXX campany for 10 years and I hope to work for your company to further develop my career.


    I am a decisive person with good computer skill, English proficiency and communication skill. My weakness is my dislike of boring tasks.


    I hope to contribute my skills to the prosperous development of your company.

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