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appear to have been

Ground forces first found what appeared to be a detention facility, which was one of three connected to the torture complex, Multinational Division North said.

One of the facilities appeared to have been a headquarters building and a torture facility, it added



我指的是 appeared to have been ,have been的意思及用法

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    多國部隊北方軍區說 "地面部隊首先發現此處很明顯的是一個拘留中心,這是三棟連結在一起通往拷問大樓的其中一棟。"

    軍區補充說明 "其中一個建築很明顯的曾經是以前總部以及拷問的地點。"

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    appeared to be 顯然是 ; 似乎是

    appeared to have been 顯然曾經是 ; 似乎曾經是


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