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尹穎 asked in 旅遊亞太地區台灣 · 1 decade ago








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    After took a stroll the beautiful West Lake bay, suggested you were

    allowed to go like the river appreciating the beautiful view. Because

    the West Lake bay does not have the public vehicle direct link to love

    the river, therefore suggested you travel by the taxi to go love the

    river. Because likes the river being away from the West Lake bay not

    to be certainly far, therefore the fare is certainly inexpensive. When

    you arrive loves the river river bank, you can see the beautiful blue

    lake as well as all kinds of mail ship. The daytime love river, is

    similar to the common river scenery, broad and is tranquil. But the

    night love river, actually is another view. Night love river beautiful

    indescribable, light 灑 falls on the tranquil river surface, the

    picture is the day star sinks falls is ordinary to the water surface,

    the color riotous interweaves the light green scenery. When you make

    contact with the ferryboat, the slightly cool breeze can lightly

    stroke your flesh, the spot the scene could seize your gaze. This

    loves the river, an America to cannot the beautiful place.


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