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    The confidential data refers to everything belonging to the former party and its operation, production, sales, research and development, management, and all other related confidential documents, information and classified corporate data, including but not restricted to the method, process, formula, invention, concept, idea, technique, design, project, chart, specification, system flow, computer program, computer document, end product or half-finshed product sample, management strategy and skill, marketing strategy and skill, company rule and regulation, material purchase, policy for fixing price, valuation process, financial documents, client information, supplier information, and so on, regardless of whether the material is tangile or intangible, whether it is labeled "confidential", "restricted", or other similar-meaning words, whether it is completed or not, or whether it is feasible to apply for patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property rights.

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    The secret restricted data are refer to all to belong to the party of

    the first part all, manages, correlation and so on production, sale,

    research and development, management with the party of the first part

    has secret all documents, the information and business secret,

    including but is not restricted in the method, the system regulation,

    the formula, the invention, the concept, the conception, the

    technology, the design, the project, Chart, the specification

    explanation, the flow, the computer formula, the computer file, the

    end product or the half-finished product sample of, the management

    strategy, the management technology, the marketing strategy and the

    skill, the company system rules and regulations, the purchase

    material, the fixed price policy, the valuation process, the financial

    material, the customer material, the supplier material and so on,Regardless of visible or invisible, or whether indicates "is secret",

    "limits reads" or other synonymy characters, whether also no matter

    completes, or whether applies for wisdom property rights and so on the

    patent, trademark, work all is it.

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