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地科方面的翻譯 麻煩英翻中





The data format in these files changes slightly at years 1977 and 1982.

The format is given below.

Columns Quantity

1-4 Year

5-6 Month

7-8 Day of month

9-12 Time in thousandths of day (.500 = 1200 UT)

13-20 Greenwich sunspot group # through 1976; NOAA/USAF grp # after 1976

21-22 00 1874-1981

23-24 Greenwich Group type

21 Suffix to group number 1982 to present

22-24 NOAA Group type (A=Alpha, B=Beta, D=Delta, G=Gamma) 1982 to present

25 Single space

26-29 Observed umbral area in millionths of solar disk 1874 through 1981

26-29 0 from 1982 to present (umbral area unavailable from NOAA)

30 Single space

31-34 Observed whole spot area in mill. of sol. disk

35 Single space

36-39 Corrected (for foreshortening) umbral area in millionths of solar

hemisphere, 1874 through 1981

36-39 0 from 1982 to present (umbral area unavailable from NOAA)

40 Single space

41-44 Corrected whole spot area in millionths of solar hemisphere

45 Single space

46-50 Distance from center of solar disk in disk radii

51 Single space

52-56 Position angle from heliographic north (0=north, 90=east limb)

57 Single space

58-62 Carrington Longitude in degrees

63 Single space

64-68 Latitude, negative to the South

69 Single space

70-74 Central meridian distance, negative to the East.

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    資料格式在這些文件輕微地改變在幾年1977 年和1982 年。格式下面被給。

    專欄數量1-4 年5-6 月7-8 天月9-12 次在天(500 = 1200 UT) 13-20 格林威治黑點小組中的千分之一# 通過1976 年; NOAA/USAF grp # 在1976 年以後

    21-22 00 1874-1981 23-24 格林威治小組類型

    21 詞尾對潮群編號1982 年到禮物22-24 NOAA 小組類型(A=Alpha 、B=Beta 、D=Delta, G=Gamma) 1982 年對禮物

    25 唯一空間26-29 觀察了umbral 區域在millionths 太陽盤1874 至1981 年

    26-29 0 從1982 年對禮物(umbral 區域無法獲得從NOAA)

    30 唯一空間31-34 觀察了整體斑點區域在磨房。sol. 盤35 唯一空間36-39 改正了(為foreshortening) umbral 區域在太陽半球millionths, 1874 至1981 年

    36-39 0 從1982 年對禮物(umbral 區域無法獲得從NOAA) 40 唯一空間41-44 改正了整體斑點區域在太陽半球45 唯一空間46-50 距離millionths 從太陽盤的中心的在盤半徑51 唯一空間52-56 位置角度從heliographic 北部(0=north, 90=east 肢體) 57 唯一空間58-62 Carrington 經度在程度63 唯一空間64-68 緯度, 消極對南69 個唯一空間70-74 中央子午距離, 消極到東方。

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