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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dear Santa,

    How are you? Thanks for the gift you gave me last year. I like it a lot

    and I also showed my friends the gift you gave me. Although my friends

    told me the gift was from my parents, I have never believed in them. I

    think they said so becuase they could not recieve the gift from you. Last year, I promised you that I would be a good boy and help my mom

    with her houseworks. Guess what? I did it and I even took care of my

    sister when my parents were not at home. My parents feel happy that I

    can take the responsibility of being a big brother.

    I have been expecting the upcoming Christmas because I can not wait to write you a Christmas letter. I wish I could have the opportunity to join

    the fan club of American's Next Top Model(ANTM). Moreover, I hope

    that I could have the plane tickets to travel around the world. I promise I

    will study hard and my parents will never be disppointed in me next

    year. I believe you could make my dream come true. By the way, I

    guess it is very important to let you know that I have moved to the third

    floor. I think it will save your time if I tell you in advance. All in all,

    thanks a lot and I am looking forward to receiving your lovely presents.

    Merry Christmas!

    I love you and your reindeers!!

    your friend,

    _________ (寫上你的名字)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I hope that the entrant's shadow friend know to

    receive super famous model's life and death and fight

    There is plane ticket travelling around the world

    And the reading that I will be well-behaved next year

    Will not let parents down

    2007-12-20 04:17:28 補充:






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  • 威宏
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    1 decade ago

    Dear Santa Claus :

    It's Christmas next week , I wish that I could have a chance to meet my idol who come from super idol competition and also hope that I could be much fortunatedly to win a air ticket to travel around the world.

    I wish that all my dream will come true , and I promise that I will study much harder next year, and will never to disappointed my parent.

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