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Should AKI corporation start focusing on WWE NO Mercy 2 in 2008?

If anyone remember the game wwf no mercy for n64 which I think is still better than the current sd vs raw 08 even though is old, should AKI leave the def jam series and get back to the wrestling so it can compete with yukes media creaters just like they did with know you role because in my op I believe AKI could do alot better if they take over the Smackdown series agree or not?

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    no mercy was is an awesome game but sd series is where its at know your role was the first game i played for 24hrs straight and since then they have disappointed cep here comes the pain which was lame but no AKI does not even come close to competing with jukes and sd series

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    I think WWE has a long term deal with the current game developers.

    Anyways, WWE really needs to focus less on graphics and more on game play.

    Look at Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. It's as simple as can be when it comes to graphics, but it's a better overall game than SVR08.

    Ever since I bought Fire Pro, I haven't touched SVR08.

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