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Why aren't there any nice ladies like Doris Day and June Allison singing today?

Why we have these scum like Brittney Spears and Jessica Simson?

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    Well, June Allyson is dead...and Doris Day is busy with animal rights causes.

    Don't kid yourself, Hollywood has had its share of scandals and "bad girls" from the silent film era up to the 1950s. Many of these performers are glamorized now, but in their time, many people considered these people lowlife or trashy...and "corrupters" of youth.

    A few examples of alleged "bad girls" in Hollywood and the recording industry (not in any particular order)

    Elizabeth Taylor...people looked askance at her in the 50s when she stole Eddie Fischer from "nice girl" Debbie Reynolds...and Ms. Taylor was married at least 8 times!

    The Gabor sisters...basically a family of "trainwrecks" that pretty much kept gossip columnists busy covering their antics and catfights from the 1930s to the present.

    Billie Holliday, Anita O'Day, Judy Garland and several other singers with drug problems.

    Ruth Brown, who was in a bigamous marriage.

    Various stars were accused of homosexuality and lesbianism by Confidential Magazine... This was in the day when being openly gay could would tank a career!

    In 1959, Ingrid Bergman got pregnant by a married man and was pretty much banished from Hollywood until the 1970s when she appeared in Murder On The Orient Express.

    Several actress/singers from the 1910s onward took their chance on undergoing illegal abortions because they became pregnant out of wedlock. Amongst them? Rita Moreno, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge and Polly Bergen. In the 1920s, silent film actress Virginia Rappe died as a result of one of those abortions. She was a silent film actress who died in San Francisco at a party held by comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. He was falsely accused of rape and murder in this case. Yes, he was acquitted but it killed his career. That particular trial and a few other scandals caused a national outrage which lead to the institution of the very rigorous censorship laws called the Hays code.

    What about the various scandals and rumors surrounding Clara Bow and her sex of which claimed she supposedly took on the entire University of Southern California football team? Not true, but that didn't stop gossip columnists from saying so and further sullying her reputation. That woman couldn't look sideways without the press making up rumors.

    How about radio evangelist/celebrity Rev. Aimee Semple McPherson? During her heyday in the 1920s, despite her Pentecostal religious fervor and being one of the first people to head up a "megachurch"...she was known for her voracious appetite for men. She also abused drugs and eventually died of an overdose of barbituates in 1944.

    Also, actress/singer/playwright Mae West went to jail for obscenity...and she pushed the envelope in her songs and scripts every chance she got. We revere her today and call her "liberated", but back in the day many considered her vulgar and "rough around the edge."

    and you can go even further back and learn about the scandals about 19th century stage performers like Lily Langry who was the mistress of the King of England or dancer Lola Montez whose scandalous affair with the King of Bavaria nearly collapsed that government. "Decent" women wouldn't even walk on the same side of the street with either of them!

    So ok, now that you've had this little history lesson, hopefully you'll realize that Brittney, Lindsey, Paris and the ilk didn't invent "scumminess." It's always been around.

    Source(s): various books and websites on Hollywood history and the history of theatre. Just use google to find them.
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    There are plenty of "nice ladies" who sing. Why are the two women you mentioned. "scum"? I may agree that Britney Spears has issues, but what has Jessica Simpson done?

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    Try listening to Lucky Soul. They're from sweden and they bring back the older sounds of music. Maybe you will like them....

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    *sigh* yes they're all pregnant or seemingly brain damaged.

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    because that is what the public wants

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    You're old, arent you?

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