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cen i go2 good universitee?

i godda 2.1 gpa and acheeved an 14 on da ACT and imma wantin go go 2 harvard or unc iffa i dont gettin imma knife and imma workin real hardin seenyer year from hi school imma camed up from nigeria in da year of 1996 and am developin my skilz in english yall can i go to good universitee?


nah imma not in sports or any of da clubs der stupid

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    Sorry bud, but no. Your GPA is pretty terrible, and your ACT is simply horrid. Harvard would NEVER take you, and UNC... you have a 0.8% chance. Try community college. Spend some time there, and build up on your English skills. Once you have the basic academic roots down, you can apply to a "good university."

    If you REALLY want to go to a 4-year university right away, try applying to some of the non-flagship state campuses, such as Mankato State in MN. You just might get in. Since you are an immigrant, you might have a slight advantage.

    But if you were to change one thing: learn to type non-ghetto. If you wrote like that on a college application, they would NEVER take you.

    Source(s): Applying for colleges right now, too!
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    Eye shore dont no y. Yew kin go tu eny scool yew wunt tu.

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    work hard on your good in any sports??

  • 1 decade ago

    not the way you spell!!!!!!!!!!!!

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