I want to take an Alaskan roadtrip... best time?

In a couple of years me and some friends want to drive up to Alaska from Pennsylvania, what is the best season to leave? I was thinking February or march would be good cause we want to go up when there is a fair amount of snow around and somewhat light. any help is thanks. idk what to pack and such either for a long trip.

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  • Arthur
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    1 decade ago
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    The first thing you need for this trip is The Milepost, this is the Alaskan travelers bible. This book will get you from Sweetgrass, Montana. This is the best, maybe not the shortest but the best crossing when you are coming from the East. Sweetgrass is the end of I-15.

    I have had friends go up in March and they saw a lot of snow. We were up in Late April and early May and saw snow everytime we got above 3,500 feet. You should see lots of frozen lakes such as Muncho Lake, beautiful area. The snow we ecountered wasn't terrible, but when you're from Florida, any snow is a blizzard.

    Purchase the Milepost as soon as possible so you can plan your trip. It's pretty straight forward, you cross the border at I-15, drive around Calgary and Edmonton while headed to Dawson Creek, the beginning of the AlCan Highway. Plenty of sites to see here.

    I won't give you every site to see on the way up, the Milepost does that for you. You can get your copy at the Milepost shop or Amazon for half price.

    Take plenty of film and/or data cards. I took 5-512MB cards and down loaded into my computer when I filled the up.

    When you see a sign that says "Bump" believe it. Going as early as you are the frost heaves shouldn't be too bad. I'd go straight to Fairbanks, stopping for sights along the way. Then head South to Denali and take the longest bus ride you can take. Early as you are planning you should see plenty of moose, caribo, bears, fox, wolves and maybe a badger. there are many sights from there to Anchorage.

    Anchorage area is where we'll be working in a campground from very early March until mid September. See thats how we travel, by Motorhome, no motels for us. Our trip in 2006 covered over 16,000 miles. We will leave Florida on April1 so we can be there by May 1st.

    Look through my blog on Yahoo 360 for sights and comments about our trip. There's a few photos of Eastern Canada in there also.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If this is your first time doing this - Try a little warmer - Go around April. You will still see snow.

    You need to pack all the basic emergency needs, hopefully you know what those are...Have you ever been hiking a great distance? Same thing..but you can bring a bit more.

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  • Izzy
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    1 decade ago

    If you want to see the Iditarod dog sled race you should leave around the last week of February so you can make it to the race before March 1 (the starting date).

    Just a suggestion :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wow. alaska. i was bout to go dere, but went 2 hawaii instead. well if u want it 2 b sunny, den i suggest going in june or july. but if u want it to snow.........probably around march. like u said.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you are a backpacker, take more than you usually take on a backpacking trip.

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