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What kind of cheese?

Is okay for ovo lacto vegetarians? I mean, that's not made with the rennet thing (whatever that is)......


The reason I am asking is because I found out some cheese are made of a substance from the stomach of the calf. That's really gross...

By the way, ovo lacto vegetarian is a person who eats dairy (including cheese)and eggs, for those who don't know the meaning of the word.

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    While cheese is traditionally made with animal derived rennet, microbial and vegetal rennets do exist and are finding more ground in America than other countries. There are very few old world producers who utilize a coagulant that isn't animal based, but you can benefit from the following list that is excerpted from my book I've got due mid next year. This list is by no means complete as I need to protect some of my intellectual property for the fact that I've spoken with over 300+ artisanal and farmstead dairies across the country, but it is by far the most complete listing you'll find on the internet or in any book on the market:

    Domestic Dairies that provide cheeses made with a vegetarian rennet:

    Beltane Farm - Lebanon, CT

    Bush Meadow - Union, CT (switching to vegetarian rennet)

    Calabro Cheese - East Haven, CT

    Cato Corner - Colchester, CT (Vivace uses Microbial, otherwise Animal)

    Rustling Wind Creamery - Falls Village, CT

    Appleton Creamery - Appleton, ME (Organic Veg)

    Liberty Fields Farm - Saco, ME

    Little Falls Farm - Harrison, ME (Have used Animal, Vegetable and Microbial)

    Monroe Cheese Studio - Monroe, ME

    Seal Cove Farm - Lamoine, ME

    Silvery Moon Creamery - Westbrook, ME (originally used a veg rennet w/ good results, but found organic microbial to use now)

    State of Maine Cheese Company - Rockport, ME (Organic Microbial)

    Sunset Acres Farm - Brooksville, ME (vegetable for 10 years, haven't tried microbial)

    Carlisle Farmstead Cheese - Carlisle, MA

    Fiore di Nonno - Lincoln, MA

    Hillman Farm - Colrain, MA (fresh uses goat or microbial)

    Smith's Country Cheese - Winchendon, MA

    Westfield Farm - Hubbardston, MA

    Sandwhich Creamery - North Sandwhich, NH

    Via Lactea - Brookfield, NH (calves rennet in one aged cheese, microbial in rest)

    Cobb Hill Cheese - Hartland, VT

    Frog City Cheese - Plymouth Notch, VT

    Grafton Village Cheese Company - Grafton, VT

    Neighborly Farms of Vermont - Randolph Center, VT

    Taylor Farm - Londonderry, VT

    Vermont Shepherd - Putney, VT

    West River Creamery - Londonderry, VT

    Willow Hill Farm - Milton, VT

    Firefly Farms - Bittinger, MD

    South Mountain Creamery - Middletown, MD

    Catapano Dairy - Peconic, NY

    Clover Mead Farm - Keeseville, NY (microbial, switching to cert organic microbial)

    Coach Farm - Pine Plains, NY

    County Meadows - Canton, NY

    Gillis Acres Farm - Greenwich, NY

    Heamour Farm - Madison, NY

    Nettle Meadow Goat Farm - Warrensburg, NY (organic veg for chevre & fromage blanc, animal for kunik)

    Northland Sheep Dairy - Marathon, NY

    Painted Goat Farm - New Lisbon, NY (animal w/ special batches for family with microbial)

    Bulger Creek Farm - Notasulga, AL

    Sweet Grass Dairy - Thomasville, GA (animal for ga gouda & grn hill, microbial for rest)

    Dona Blanca House of Cheese & Dairy - Saint Rose, LA

    Mauthe's Dairy - Folsom, LA

    Celebrity Dairy - Siler City, NC

    Elodie Farms - Rougemont, NC (soft {less than 2 months} use synthetic, hard {3+ months} use animal)

    Sleepygoat Cheese - Pelham, NC

    Spinning Spider Creamery - Marshall, NC

    Split Creek Farm - Anderson, SC

    Locust Grove Farm - Knoxville, TN

    Sweetwater Valley Cheese - Philadelphia, TN

    Faribault Dairy Company - Faribault, MN

    Cedar Grove Cheese - Plain, WI

    Roth Kase - Monroe, WI

    Farmers All Natural Creamery - Wellman, IA

    Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy - Competition, MO

    Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy - Ada, OK

    Black Mesa Ranch - Snowflake, AZ

    Amaltheia Dairy - Belgrade, MT

    Drake Family Farms - West Jordan, UT

    Rockhill Creamery - (only feta made with veg, the rest with calf rennet)

    Achadinha Cheese Company - Petaluma, CA

    Bodega Goat Cheese - Bodega, CA

    Cowgirl Creamery - Point Reyes Station, CA

    Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company - Modesto, CA

    Harley Farms Goat Dairy - Pescadero, CA

    Meyenberg Goat Milk Products - Turlock, CA

    Sierra Nevada Cheese Company - Willows, CA

    Skyhill Napa Valley Farms - Napa, CA

    Three Sisters Farmstead Cheese - Lindsay, CA

    Surfing Goat Dairy - Kula, HI

    Alsea Acre Goat Cheese - Alsea, OR

    Fraga Farm Goat Cheese - Sweet Home, OR

    Pholia Farm - Rogue River, OR

    Willamette Valley Cheese Company - Salem, OR (3 diff rennets)

    Appel Farms - Ferndale, WA (veg rennet for all but one, an aged gouda only available on the farm)

    Beecher's Handmade Cheese - Seattle, WA

    Samish Bay Cheese - Bow, WA

    Steamboat Island Goat Farm - Olympia, WA

    Washington State University Creamery - Pullman, WA

    As others mentioned, Whole Foods and other places are likely to carry some of these cheeses, but unless your cheesemonger is of a similar capacity in their passion for cheese they might not be of much help in finding something for you.

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    Some cheeses are made with rennet or pepsin, both come from the stomach of a calf or pig. However, a fair few are made with microbial enzymes (seeing as it is cheaper) which is vegetable based and suitable for lacto-vegetarians. Just read the lable.

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    Certified organic cheeses - I am pretty sure that one of the conditions for certified organic is non-animal enzymes. You can google that to double check but I've never seen one that didn't say non-animal enzymes or rennet free somewhere on the package. Plus products from Amy's and Annie's use rennet-free cheese. Annie's mac and cheese rocks!

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    I know that stores like Trader Joe's have a print-out you can pick up that lists all the vegetarian cheeses they offer. You can also try Whole Foods but I don't shop there as often.

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    If you're ovo lacto vegetarian, you can't have any dairy you can't have any type of cheese...although in the vegetarian aisle they have fake cheese and it looks nasty to me, but that's the only cheese you can eat.

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    Maybe a yogurt cheese!

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    anythin wifout rennet

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    no cheese is made with the linings of a cow's stomach.

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