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Lincoln Assassination?

I might have to write about half a page about why Lincoln's assassination what the greatest tragedies in all of American histroy and there is not much about it in my book. any help?

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    Lincoln, had he remained in the White House, would have been able to work out a better Reconstuction Compromise with the Radical and Conservative Republicans without alienating all the Democrats. Keep in mind that whiole most of the Radicals hated him, and most of the Democrats hated him, they understood he had ways of getting things done (which is why Zach Chandler, though he hated Lincoln, personally was responsible for making sure he was re-elected).

    The problem with Johnson wasn't that he wanted to continue Lincoln's "malics toward none, charity to all" policy. In fact, at first he was with the Radicals in wanting a very strict and stern Reconstruction policy, including hanging some of the top rebel leaders as an example of what happen to traitors. The problem was two-fold: 1) He did an about face and abandonded the tough policies (It was said "In May he wanted to hang everyone, but by July he wanted to hang no one.") 2) He went so far in the other direction, by allowing former active rebels to return to governmental offices, that he angered just about everyone, especially Radical Republicans. It created a government in Washington that was so disjointed and each branch so suspicious of the other than nothing productive could get done. Lincoln's death, in effect, destroyed the smooth Reconstruction that could have been possible - as a result thousands more died, and Civil Rights were almost stopped.

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    One might say that when Booth shot Lincoln that he condemned the South for the reason that Lincoln's 10% Plan for the Reconstruction would allow the South to come back into the Union rather easily, by requiring 10% of each state to take an oath of loyalty to the Union. That was it.

    But then Booth went and flushed all the down the loo.

    So, the South resented the Radical Republicans as they blundered things up trying to "fix" the South (by making them a clone of the North, pft.)

    Besides, we lost one of the greatest leaders of all time, a cool-headed, intelligent man who was always on top of the public opinion. That on its own just sucks.

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    Lincoln's assassination disrupted his plans for a gentle reconciliation of the North and South, embittered Northerners and made them want to punish the South and created a schism between the Executive and Legislative branches over how to reintegrate Southern states into the Union while securing the rights of newly freed slaves.

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    Upon Lincoln's death, as you know Andrew Johnson became President. As a Southerner himself, Johnson wanted to continue Lincoln's compassionate reconstruction of the South. However, Johnson was rebuffed in evey turn and the so-called reconstruction was almost the rape of the South by the Industrial North. I suggest that you Google "Reconstuction of the South after the Civil war" and see waht you get.

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    One theory is that Lincoln would have done a much better job of healing the wounds of the civil war. Johnson (his Vice President) and the Congress took a much less conciliatory approach towards the former Confederate states.

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    he was watching a play at fords theatre called my american cousin was shot in the back of the head at 10:07 the bullet went through his head and was lodged behind his right? eye. he died the next morning. was shot by john wilkes booth who went to a bar next to the theatre before he shot him and had a beer before he entered through a back door. he left and got on his horse he had tied behind the theatre and was shot in a virginia barn 12? days later. that good enough??!!

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    All I know he freed the slaves a lot of people was not happy about it and he was shot in a theater

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