How about Bruce Lee's next film after finishing up "Game of Death"?

His next film may have been "The Silent Flute". Anyone have any other clues to other possible film projects he may have had in store?

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer you well know, "The Silent Flute" DID eventually get developed, produced in 1978, and retitled "Circle of Iron"; it was a very revisionist and surreal kind of martial arts film, seemingly existing within it's own universe, and starred David Carridine...

    ...about four or five years ago, Linda Lee Caldwell and her daughter, Shannon, reportedly gave their blessing for a Korean film production company to begin production on a new film, which would star Bruce Lee, entitled "Dragon Warrior"; according to varios sources on the web, Bruce would be pain-stakening recreated via intricate computer graphics effects...

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