For those who have read "The Long Walk" (Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman ...)?

Did you ever wish they would have made this story in to a movie ? I know some of the movies that they have made of Stephen's stories haven't always been met with great praise or acclaim, however, there are some that have ... when I read "The Long Walk" I immediately thought ... WOW that would make an interesting challenge for a movie ... now with CGI available to show the changes in the Walker's bodies (instead of having to put actors on an unhealthy or potentially dangerous "diet" to achieve the effects on their bodies from the Walk) they could potentially do this ... any opinions ?

I also thought that "Insomnia" would make a very interesting movie too ...

Thanks for your thoughts/comments.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, I allways wondered that one myself. It may have been his best story actually. Not that any of his others are not good. It would be good to film in pennsylvania in lancaster co. They have those long narrow roads, and the green would really set of any other colors.Especially the blood when walkers were shot. (That sounds kinda sick does'nt it?)

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