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Gap ad annoying : "Getting hi with your family.." ARRrggghhhhh?

Who else wants to reach into the computer screen and pull out that really annoying Gap ad with Amy Poehler and her man off the side of the screen??

>_< Every time I go to a new page I hear >fake chuckle< "Getting high with your family..." GET A NEW AD ALREADY aaaaaaaaarggh. I never want to see Amy Poehler or her man again after this, I don't think I could even watch anything with them in it anymore.

venting done. :)

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    It is most annoying, which is why I type with the sound off

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    If you are as annoyed as I am then consider taking a couple of minutes to fill out their survey. Just click on the ad. I answered all the questions about the GAP in the most negative choice they gave while leaving all other companies mentioned as "neutral". I thought they might get the idea this way that their ad is very annoying and backfiring.

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    That GAP AD is so annoying! I found a way to get rid of it! If you download and run Firefox as your browser, there is an add on program you can install which will make it disappear totally off your page.

    Simply do a search for Firefox then for the Firefox add on called Adblock. (I tried putting in the links but got a 999 message from Yahoo.)

    Once you install both of those, look down in the very bottom right hand corner of your screen where you will see: Adblock. Click on it then disable the second item up from the very bottom of the list. (At least that what worked for me.)

    Also, you can write an e-mail to Gap and let them know what you think about their obnoxious, senseless advertisement. Here is what I wrote:

    "What in the world are you thinking by putting your advertisement on Yahoo! Answers concerning "dumping jet fuel in the ocean"? I will NEVER, EVER shop in your store again in my entire life. Because of your advertisement, I had to install an ad blocker. Everyone on Yahoo! Answers is complaining about it. What in the world were you all thinking? It's not funny! You might want to find two representatives who don't act like they're crank or crack addicts!"

    Here is the e-mail address to Gap Customer Care:

    " Customer Service" <>

    IMPORTANT: You can also voice your opinion on this Yahoo Answers suggestion board:

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    Very annoying. Even more annoying is that Y!A will delete questions such as yours because of their monetary self-interest in the ad.

    It's really sick! Does anybody think it's funny dumping jet fuel on endangered species? Is that supposed to be hilarious or something?

    As you can see by some of these answers, people are forced to use their computer with the sound off when visiting this website.

    I feel your pain. I want to know how much GAP had to bribe Yahoo in order to perpetrate this outrage. Probably in the millions of dollars. Money talks and Happy Holidays.

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    i think from now on i'm gonna associate the gap with annoying ads on yahoo. it's gonna be a long long time before i shop there again!

    somebody needs to let them know that annoying people isn't the way to get people to shop there, and i'm sure many answers users rightfully did.

    download firefox if you don't have it

    and then adblock plus here

    when ads show up a little tab comes up on the side that let's you block it or you can right click on it and select block. it got rid of the gap ad for me & all the other annoying ads on this site/other sites

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    Any ad that talks to me from my computer is annoying. I don't want my computer to make any noise unless I tell it to. That Gap ad is no worse than the rest. It just happens to be the one that is on right now. To stop it, contact the Gap and tell them you will not be buying anything from their stores until that ad is gone. The people at Yahoo don't care if you shop at the Gap.

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    One reason I have the sound off. That is just the most annoying thing. Worse than those 23 ads Worese than thos Georgia Rule ads Worse than the vodka ads

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    I was checking the online Merriam-Webster dictionary and listening to how the word was pronounced and I heard a stupid conversation going on. At first I had no idea where it came from too. And the laughter is totally scary. HATE THAT AD!

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    HATE IT!!!! IT IS SO FLIPPING ANNOYING! whenever i hit my home button (which is yahoo) i hear that laugh pop up and it always bothers me. plus, sometimes i have the speakers on bcuz im not expecting noise and then it pops up and its late at night and one of the twins will wake up and be like "mommy, turn it offfff" and ill be like, sorry sweetie, i will. i feel bad when i wake them up. so i try to hit the stop or pause button on it and it just goes wacky. I HATE IT!!!!!!!! i scroll down the page and go, yup. theres that stupid GAP ad with the weird laugh and Will. UGH! I HATE IT TOOO! THE MOST!

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    It is an extremely annoying ad. I answer questions on "silent mode" in order ot not hear the woman's cackle. THe ad is so obnoxious I do not want to go to Gap.

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    Yep. This is my pet peeve. A lot of people are complaining about it. I am just trying to think of what will put pressure on Yahoo to remove audio from ads on Y!A. I think it's kind of common sense. I guess the fat cats who make decisions only think about money and don't really consider what that is doing to the quality of experience.

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