what is the correct meaning of immunity?

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    Immunity (medical), a state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion, and is related to the functions of the immune system

    Immunity (legal), conferring a status on a person or body that makes that person or body free from otherwise legal obligations such as, for example, liability for damages or punishment for criminal acts

    Transactional immunity, referring to the inability of the prosecutor to prosecute a witness in exchange for the witness's testimony, an action referred to as "turning state's evidence"

    Use immunity, under which the government may not use a witness's grand jury testimony to prosecute that person (but if the state acquires evidence for a crime independent of the testimony, the witness can then be prosecuted)

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    Meaning of Immunity: Freedom or exemption from any charge, duty, obligation, office, tax, imposition, penalty, or service; a particular privilege;

    ability to resist infection

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    Medical or legal definition? It means you can't get kicked off the island.

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    unfortunately, here we only answer questions

    for any descriptions and meanings, u will be better off by referring dictionaries or encyclopedias

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