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why do men pay money?

why do men pay money after sex? Actually men deserve money for hard work

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    You mean why do "some" men pay. Actually paying for sex is for me at least a foreign concept. Although I was married for 20 I suppose in one fashion I did pay.

    BTW, I believe that if a guy is paying for sex the money is paid up front and not after sex.

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    Richard B evidently you figure you deserve it, for a hard job, but the gals must think differently of your preformance. Could that be why? Otherwise you wouldn't be asking ! Good Luck Have a very Merry Christmas!

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    When a guy pays for sex then he can get whatever he wants and needs. Some are not getting this at home.

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    Because some guys get it for free and others have to pay for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the lucky ones do not have to pay anything...


    it is only the unfortunate ones that fuss over those...

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    if noone was there to accept money, they couldn;t spend money, could they?

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    you don't get paid?

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