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How do creationists (or ID proponents) explain the Panda's Thumb?

I can ask vague questions too.

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    God did it.

    Yes, I know that's not a real answer. But creationists would rather have a nice neat pat answer than have to really think about the subject. All of those nasty evolutionists with their reason and evidence make just believing in their book of superstitions too difficult.

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    Oh for Random Chance's sake! How do evolutionists explain the thousands of setae on the gecko's feet? The design of the fibrous cushion that sets at the back of the woodpeckers head as well as the insect grabbing tongue that encircles on the inside of its skull? How about the inutero developmental suspension of the Kangaroo fetus? How did the Dolphin DNA know to sample the non-biologic system of sound in order to create sonar or the bat echo location or radar? Elephants too. Sound sensitive cells developed first? Just like light sensitive cells gave rise to the elaborate creation of the eye specific to every creature that uses sight? These complicated systems can only be answered by the creationist perspective because science cannot nor will ever be able to give a perspective and Darwin knew this way back before the technology of the micro or tele scopes were ever fully realized and said as much. Its called irreducible complexity. Molecular machines disprove evolution while the lack of empirical evidence by way of literally thousands of missing links leave the theory in tatters. We along with all the contents of the universe are designed. Deal with it. I could have given a vague answer but brevity is not my forte. Have a nice day! Love in Christ, ~J~

    Also...the Panda is supposedly more closely related to the Racoon than to an actual bear..though I believe that all animals are created on a very broad spectrum of design with each feature transferable as needed to another species or genus. Its just my own personal theory though...hey....maybe I'll write a book?

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    I am not really speaking for myself but attempting to understand the creationist point of view. It is my understanding that most creationists/ID'ers don't necessarily believe that everything currently exists as it was when it was created. They believe in "micro evolution" or evolution within a species. So they would expect that things have evolved to a degree, but not to the degree that they become another species. It is the evolution of man through a common ancestor that they have a problem with. They believe that homo sapiens were created as homo sapiens and that has not changed. Now that is not to say that homo sapiens have not evolved in ways such as getting taller, things like that. I don't think that they think that emus and penguins positively have never flown, they may have, but they have always been emus and penguins whether they flew or not. I may be off base on this but this is my understanding of the creationist/ID beliefs. Basically that things evolve within themselves but never evolve to become a different species.

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    The true God is a Panda!

    "Come out of the bamboo forest Pandatheist and walk in the light!"

    "Have no more fear!"

    "The truth is finally out."

    That explains the Thumbs up and down bit and also why he doesn't care that much for humanity!


    Would that an open or closed debate Arni?

    You are a sick man :-)) LOL

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    A thumb is a small jointed appendage that comes out of the palm of the hand. Placed on an angle to the other fingers it gives the ability to grasp objects better.

    Source(s): Atheist.
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    I'm not sure what about a Panda's thumb you are questioning. I wonder if "Panda's Thumb" is like "Occam's Razor" and is some kind of principle....

    But in any case, God can - and did - create animals with all kinds of neat unusual stuff. Look at the platypus!

    If He wants to give a panda a thumb - or two thumbs - He can do it!

    god bless

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    Maybe God, lit the spark that started the chain of Evolution, you didn't think all Creationist carried bibles, did you??? I say that with all due-respect, of course.


    Jana: nice one! , but to be a polite-guest, might I offer this question on their behalf?

    Irreducible complexity, sounds nice and simple and complicated all at once, but you have to admit, wether they are cells or not, once they were out of existance, then they developed into existance...

    Are you saying Irreducible-complex cells in humans magically appear at the moment of conception, or do they evolve or develop as such.....just trying to stimulate the brain a little..??


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    God as creator makes superb intelligent design (ID). Evolution is the process by which God creates intelligent design. God as creator, evolution and intelligent design are not necessarily mutually exclusive concepts.

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    Panda's are descendents of Cain.

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    Evolutionary process based on environmental change...same reason for most of the animals existing on this planet...

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