What exactly is PS3 remote play???

I have a PSP and PS3

What is remote play and what does it let me do and how do I do it?

Someone said they played Final Fantasy 7 at work using remote play?? How??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    with remote play you can accses you PS3 from any wifi spot and" Turn it on, Turn it off, access movies, music, photos, remote play any PS1 game on you'r PSP, remote play some PS3 games (only Lair right now, and most of the arcade games), view you're Friends list and send them messages, use the PS3 web-browser so you can watch youtube, folding@home, spy on you're room with the PS Eye. and the game you can play if you have a psp leave the ps3 with wifi on.under settings, remote play, and turn remote start on, it leaves the wifi in a kind of sleep mode when its off, so when you log in from work it starts the system up. It does need to either be off or in the remote play for the psp to access it. if you try to start it remotely and you get an error, that just means it lost the sync, do remote play again and you're system should be on waiting in remote for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it either means (and im not sure) just that the psp becomes the controller and you maight get a menu or something on its screen or, as with some games you can download from the PS store they can be used on psp so the psp and ps3 connect and you can play the game without anything in your psp. I think its one of them but i havn't tried myself

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  • 5 years ago

    complicated point. try searching in yahoo and bing. that will help!

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