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what does codice fiscale and partial IVA mean?

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    Every country assigns its residents a number by which it can unequivocally identify them. In the USA it is the social security number. In Italy it is the "codice fiscale" or fiscal identification code.

    The "IVA" (imposta sul valore aggiunto) or VAT Value added tax is tax on exchanges.


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    Codice Fiscale or CF is a National identification number used by government to track its citizens and residents for the aims of work, taxation, government benefits and health care.

    Partita IVA is VATIN (Value added tax identification number). This code identify a person who has a trading activity from a financial and legal point of wiew.

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    What Does Iva Mean

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    Bella Bambola's answer is correct; in case anyone was wondering, VAT int eh UK is more or less the equivalent of purchase tax, though it can also be (and usually is) levied on services as well.

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    what the girl above said is right...but didn't you mean PARTITA IVA? you probably didn't wright it right....because partita IVA is a number to identify who work on his own, everyone who haven't got a boss need one..

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