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4.1The Employee’s Gross Salary is NT$ XXX per year, if 100 % of the targets have been achieved. The salary will be divided into 80% fixed salary and the variable part will be 20%. For the first year XX ensures 100% of the agreed annual salary.

4.2The Employee’s initial salary is NT$ 38000per month. Salary will be remitted into the Employee’s bank account every month after income tax, labor and national health insurance fees and company employee welfare fund contributions are deducted.

4.3The annual bonus will be paid to the Employee at the time of the Chinese Lunar New Year with the first bonus payment being made in February 2008. For any year, the Employee’s annual bonus will be prorated in accordance with the number of complete months worked during the year.



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    (4.1 薪水結構, 80%固定, 20%績效獎金, 如果達成100%目標, 就可以領XXX元, 不過第一年保障全薪)

    (4.2員工起薪38000, 扣所得稅 , 勞健保, 員工福利基金後就會轉入員工個人銀行帳戶)

    4.3年終獎金會在農曆年前發放, 而每個人領到的除固定的發放標準(ex 3個月獎金) , 還要看當年在職的月份數, ex. AA今年1 月以前(包括去年...and更早)到職, 所以他今年為公司打拼12個月, BB今年4月到職, 今年服務9個月, 所以AA可以領到 3個月薪水的12/12(就是3個月薪), 而BB只能領到3月薪*9/12= 2.25 個月獎金, 就是AA的3/4囉

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