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aaron asked in 運動高爾夫球 · 1 decade ago

高爾夫球 運動英文 中翻英 贈10點 謝謝

請以不定詞做句子的主詞 謝謝!!

1.舉辦職業與業餘選手(PRO-AMS)的比賽是公關公司(PR COMPANY)建議的

2.選擇第13洞作為簽名洞(SIGNATURE HOLE)以宣傳球場

3.贏得逐洞賽(SKINS GAME)是指在大多數的球洞你都是最低桿

4.在休閒渡假球場(RESORT COURSE)的會館裡用餐是一種享受


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    1 decade ago
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    1.Run the professional and amateurish player (PRO-AMS) Match public relations Company (PR COMPANY) Ones that propose

    2.Choose the 13th hole as the hole of the signature (SIGNATURE HOLE) In order to propagate the court

    3.Gain and chase holes and is comparable to (SKINS GAME) Mean you are the minimum pole in most ball holes

    4.In the amusement and holidays court (RESORT COURSE) Association li have a dinner being one kind enjoyment

    5.Growing grass area (ROUGH) Hit the second pole. May cause out-of-bounds (Out-of-bounds)

    Source(s): 自己和漢英字典
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