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A teacher I like請幫我訂正英文作文

A teacher I like


When I was twelve years old,at that time the parents were usually asked theire children took part in cram school to prepared English subject.Of course , I also went to a English cram school in the summer vacation of fifth grade.I meet a humorous teacher , the teacher’s teaching style was very actived and easy understood , the teacher always play jokes with the boy students and like a friend easy to getting to along.Because of the teacher , I didn’t become loathe English that even give up . I was attend the teacher’s class until transfered to other school in the summer of fourteen years old .I feel lucky that I could met a good English teacher.

有run on sentence 嗎?時態有錯嗎?

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    When I was twelve years old, at that time parents usually asked their children to take parts in cram school to prepare for their English classes. Of course, I also went to cram school at my fifth grade during my summer vacation. There I met a humorous teacher, this teacher's teaching style was very active and easy to understand, teacher always play jokes with the boy student and treat us like friends easy to get along with. Because of this teacher I didn't dislike English and even to give it up. I attended this teacher's classes until I was fourteen years old and got transfer to other school. I felt lucky to have meet a good English teacher.


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    幫你把文章結構整個整理了一下. 雖然不是完全照你中文句子的排列順序, 但文章的整體意思一樣. 不知道你滿不滿意?

    It is an observed phenomena that the majority of 12-year-old children in Taiwan are asked to study English in cram school by their parents. Inevitably, I went to cram school and studied English in my fifth grade summer as well. The reasons that I do not exclude or even give up learning English is because of a teacher I met in a cram school. His/Her humorous teaching approach was vigorous and easy to understand. He/She had been responsible for my English studying until I was fourteen and left to another school. He/She was more like a friend instead of a teacher to me and alway made fun of the boys in the class. To me, it is lucky to have a good English teacher like him/her.

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