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X-MEN Trivia....?

Do you think X-MAN would win in a fight versus Superman?

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    i'm assuming you did not make a typo, and do actually

    mean a hypothetical fight btwn. X-MAN (cable in an alternate

    dimension, aka nate grey) of marvel comics and superman

    of dc comics.

    physically, superman has advantages in strength and durability.

    nate would have to use his vast array of psionic and molecular

    powers to erect a powerful shield to withstand superman's

    attacks. although he's one of the strongest mutants ever, i think a marvel character needs some impressive physical

    stats to beat superman.

    Nate Grey:

    from wikipedia:


    * Telepathy

    * Telekinesis

    * Psychometry

    * Precognition

    * Cross-dimensional travel

    "One of the most impressive moments that displayed Nate's powers was when he easily trounced Exodus, a mutant with vast psionic powers who had previously managed to defeat the combined efforts of the X-Men and the Avengers in combat. This defeat left Exodus humiliated - especially since he is centuries old while Nate was only 16 (he confirms himself to be physically 17 in X-Man #68). In addition, Queen Jean in X-Man #68 described Nate Grey as the ultimate telekinetic, "It is what all Nate Greys have been on every earth." This, in addition with his telepathy, makes X-Man one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel history, among such company as The Scarlet Witch, Franklin Richards, Jean Grey, and Mad Jim Jaspers."

    i think thor, thanos, silver surfer, black bolt, gladiator or

    hyperion would be a more intriguing match-up.

    to answer your question, i'd give superman a slight

    advantage in the battle because he could withstand most

    of x-man's onslaught.

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    Depends on the X-Man and the tactics used. If Superman fought Wolverine, Superman would win if he fought at a distance (using his heat vision and some large rocks, superman could easily render Wolverine unconscious). If the pair fought in close quarters, Wolverine would probably win (his claws would cut deep into Superman).

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    Wait, you're crossing universes here. X-Men is in Marvel Universe while Superman is in D.C. Universe. But if chances come that the "team" of X-Men had to face off with Superman, then I think X-Men will win.

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    No.. I think Superman would win that one.. But Superman might have a problem against the Silver Surfer...

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    There is a mutant called X-man, he was a tool created for Apocalypse's demise from genetic material from Cyclops and Jean Grey. As for who would win in a fight? It all depends on who writes it.

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    which x-man. if it was wolverine then hell yeah he would kick superman's *** without a doubt. or the do you mean the x-man as a whole either way the x-man will win.

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    First.. there's noone called "X-MAN" and if you mean X-Men yeah they would probably win since they're a lot against one.. unless... there was just one against superman.. then superman would win.. i guess.. cause he's superman...

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    ofcourse X-Men would win because they're more pwerful if they fight with co-operation and unity against superman

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