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China's environment and the environmental ?

China answers only.

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    Major environmental issues facing China are global in nature, like "global" warming. China has jumped on the bandwagon much later than Western countries who have raped, pillaged and abused the earth's resources, including oceans, for more than a century, so that us in the West can now enjoy a pretty comfortable life and a high standard of living. From our vantage point, we can criticize with a clear conscience China and other developing nations for wanting to be like us! Pointing the finger at China is nothing short of complacency and hypocrisy. The truth is that China's corporate elite is no different from American global elite: it is the bottom line that counts. If the bottom line shows that being more environmentally friendly can be profitable, you can bet that they will shift their greed where it counts. Politically, if environmental issues affect the stomach and livelyhood of millions, you can bet that alone can drive a country to invest in solutions. It is happening in China,and the good news is that unlike in the West, they didn't wait decades to take action. Our role -no, our duty- after having polluted and destroyed the earth for many decades, is to support the efforts of emerging nations to develop their economies and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people while at the same time using new technologies to do a better job. The good news is that throughout China, there are hundreds if not thousands of green initiatives, from clean air to clean water to land remediation. The problem is huge, but there is good will. China's Great Leap Forward shows how much can be accomplished by Chinese people when they embark on a grand scheme. That's my view, and I'm sticking to it!

    Source(s): I am a geographer and environmental scientist
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    China is trying to look green. They are closing down some old coal burning power plants but they are replacing them with new coal burning power plants. Beijing Has taken 1,000,000 cars off the road in the lead up to the Olympics buy only allowing odd number plates on odd days and even plates on even days. But they continue to register 1000 cars each week. I live in Shanghai and the pollution here is terrible. People don't care they throw rubbish in the street, spit everywhere and generally have no concern for the environment. China refuses to clean up the environment if it means they will have to reduce profits. Global warming is having an effect as rice paddies are drying up and they now have to try to grow rice on dry ground: like wheat. If it comes down to environment or profits the environment will suffer.

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