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Why is immigration so bad?

Over and over people are saying immigration is bad, both legal and illegal, but their reasons don't make sense to me. Would someone shine some light on this subject?

Here isn't what makes sense:

1) illegals are causing high tax burdens

How? They don't get any social benefits, no medicare, no social security, no welfare

2) They're damaging our culture

I think our culture damages them more when they arrive. First generations usually only speak spanish. Second generation is mostly bilingual. Third generation is mostly english speaking, some bilinguals.

3) They cause crime.

And white americans don't? I'd think they're less likely to commit a crime because then they get caught and sent back to Mexico.

4) They cause lower wages.

But, then they have to buy stuff, which means the economy's Aggregate Damand has a matching shift with the Aggregate Supply, causing a corrosponding increase of demand for labor, so that wages stay roughly the same.


A case study to go with number 4...

In 1980 a quarter of a million Cuban refugees entered Miami in only a couple months. when Castro allowed Cubans to leave the country.

The end result were no changes on the averages wages of any specific group of people (low wage workers, african american workers, etc) or any changes on average wages as a whole.

Update 2:

How does someone without a social security number get social security?

Miami has been a crime haven for decades. This isn't anything new.

Update 3:

You all had the chance to change my mind on immigration, and instead made me even more supportive of it!


how do you get social security without a Social Security Number? Same with welfare?

Joe Iwojima- Miami has always had crime. Long before the 80s.

Catmanino- here I am, trying to look up information, and you fail to make even one point

Dubious - do you know what bilingual means? If a child is bilingual, they would be just fine to have a teacher that SPEAKS ONLY ENGLISH. You don't need bilingual teachers for bilingual students.

GregH - so by you're reasoning, if we stopped calling it "illegal", then it would be okay?

Countryboy- I'm from America, so how can I return to the country I came from if I "don't like what's happening in America". I think a better solution would be to improve my country, not run away from its problems.

Update 4:

"Who Else?" -

1) starting out with Lou Dobbs was a bad idea. The gov't website I found that, in dollar value, we lose about 10 billion total on illegals (RAZOR JIM). That doesn't take into account the intrinsic values they may add.

3) Calling them criminals because they crossed the border just perpetuates the problem. By that reasoning, if we just give them checkpoints where they can sign in, then it wouldn't be illegal, and no problem! Mexican's don't have a criminal mentality. That's quite the racist statement.

4) If they increase the cheap labor supply, that would not cause inflation, but would actually lower prices.

btw, my cousin spent a year in Mexico City and said it was a beautiful place

Ellis Wyatt- Oh, I didn't know that someone crossing the border illegal also automatically means they're gang members or thieves.

2) same argument that was used against the irish

3) see #3 above

4) 2nd largest source of income in Mexico? HA, not even close, where do you come up with thi

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    Reason #1: Ignorance: There are many myths that classify Mexicans incorrectly.

    A: They don't pay taxes - incorrect. Last time I checked, Mexicans were charged the same tax rate at grocery stores and restaurants. I didn't notice a tax-free check out isle for Illegal people. Payroll taxes are taken out of everyone's paycheck automatically. EVERYONE PAYS!

    B: They take jobs from American people - incorrect. Fact: Illegal immigrants have, for many years, done jobs that American people will not do for three times the pay. I know I'm pissing people off with this, but I work for a staffing firm that supplies workers to over 60 manufacturing companies. I have had American people telling me that they rather live on food stamps than work at some of those jobs.

    C: They should have come here legally: Fact: There is NO current program that allows people to come here legally unless they are wealthy enough to prove that they are not coming here to work. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that the American government finds it more convenient to have those people here illegally so that they can do the jobs for a cheaper wage, thus, keeping huge companies profitable.

    D: Mexicans bring with them gangs and violence: Fact: People of all races and colors are capable of doing bad things. And yes, Mexicans are no exception. They should be dealt with accordingly, taking the racial issue aside.

    Reason #2: Paranoia=Political Strategy

    I woke up on Sept. 12, 2001, and found out that there are 12 million illegal people in the country. I thought to myself "holly shiet, that's a lot of illegal people crossing the border in one night". My point: It didn't get that way overnight. Our government has been looking the other way FOR YEARS, but then on 9/11, John Smith shiet his pants and is suddenly afraid of his own shadow. Politicians (specially the Republican Party) have used this fear in their favor. Illegal immigrants have become the new tool that they can use to get people to vote for them.

    Reason #3 - YES, Racism...

    Keep in mind that just a few decades ago, most of this country wanted to murder all black people because they were black. They believed that black people should remain enslaved. Yes, I know it pisses people off, but I can promise you that if this little illegal Mexican children were little white, blond, blue eye kids, they story would be sooo different. We would actually show our human side...

    By the way, anyone out there who believes that racism is no longer an issue in this country needs to look at some of the racist comments here!

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    First: don't pretend "immigration" & "ILLEGAL immigration" are the same thing. They're not.

    1. They get social benefits through their anchor babies (WIC, FDIC, public schools, emergency room births) and through fraud (they are criminals, remember?)

    2. No culture on earth has ever survived an unchecked mass invasion of another culture in a such a short amount of time. With so many coming at once, they have no incentive to assimilate. Instead, they hold onto their old loyalties (i.e. march in the street, waiving their old flag, while burning ours).

    3. Your claim that it's okay to import more criminals since we already have some is... well...dumb. Sorry.

    4. They send much of their money back to Mexico... money from the US is Mexico's 2nd largest source of income.

    All of this is academic. Whether illegals help, hurt, or have no effect, it doesn't matter. They are here illegally. The only logical solution for someone in a country illegally (any country) is DEPORTATION.

    PS. Your Miami example only underscores the need to stop granting asylum to Cubans. We've been allowing it for decades and, like you said, Miami has been a haven for criminals for decades. The correlation is obvious.

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    1) According to numbers given on the Lou Dobbs show, each illegal alien costs the U.S. taxpayers $22,000 annually - they overburden our infrastructure, relative to their "contribution," because they average larger families that use our schools, they can only use emergency rooms in hospitals, because they don't have medical insurance, they disproportionately use more social services, and are overrepresented in our jails and prisons. Prosecuting and jailing them costs money, too.

    2) Travel to Mexico City and see the "culture" that they have created there. Better still, visit one of the barrios in our major cities and see the "culture" they're creating here. Their "contribution" is not one that our citizens decided to accept - it's being forced on us by foreigners and the cynical policies of own government.

    3) An illegal alien commits a crime when they enter the U.S. - so they operate like a criminal the entire time they're here. Their "culture" has less respect for the law than ours, and they show it the day they arrive by not stopping at the border and filing papers. But it doesn't stop at one crime, and that's why they are overcrowding our jails and prisons.

    4) Not only do immigrants, especially the illegals, work for lower wages - they also send much of what they earn back to their country of origin, thereby removing the money from your supply and demand formula. But they increase the labor supply, thus depressing wages, and they require food, housing, etc., thereby adding to inflation.

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    You need to find better facts. The points you are making are an indication of directing the problems toward the Mexican people. It's a bigger problem now than it has ever been, when it comes to immigration. The government doesn't have the people to correct all the problems now because of people such as yourself directing the problem in other areas. There are so many areas that can be addressed on just how well the immigrates are taken care of, and how little they do to support this country. Everyone has one big right when it comes to disliking what is going on in America, the right to return to the country you came from.

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    I can't understand how someone could think that illegals are not getting social benefits. Pregnant illegal mom walks into emergency room at hospital in thousands of dollars in free care. In some large hospitals 70% of all births are to illegals. They don't pay. Ok that was just one example but there are many other scenarios. The total deficit for social programs to illegals was 70 billion dollars in 2005. Hopefully you will learn some facts now.

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    Folks in Miami may disagree with you and have been moving away from this crime ridden area for years. You need to go to downtown Miami amigo and you will see the problem. Many cubans have did well and i believe have a much bettter work ethic than the Mexican.

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    Sorry you had a bunch of ignorants attempting to answer your question. Of course immigration is NOT BAD. Yes, your arguments are good. Don't group me in with some of these racist assholes who are "experts" in Mexican culture/work ethic and all the "rights" that illegal aliens have (which are few if any because the gov't and general population treat them like **** and pay them next to nothing and exploit them to all hell because they know they can get away with it). Unfortunately, entire industries are dependant on cheap illegal labour and the exploitation of these people is perpetuated because their cheap labour draws such a large profit. Read the book: Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market (Paperback)

    by Eric Schlosser.

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    wow, you must live in a cave in the middle of know where... you have access to the internet and all the information available, yet you are not able to look to authentic resources to verify the conversations occuring in places like this. This must be a joke.

    I dont really think legal immigration is bad. However I do think illegal immigration is bad on all the points you note and some you do not.

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    Did you just make this stuff up tonight?

    Illegal aliens don't get social benifits? Medicare? Social Security???

    How out of touch with reality.

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    Some people are racist by nature. However, discriminating by race is taboo in our culture, so they find another way of doing the same thing. Since most immigrants are non-white, this has the same effect.

    Not that all people do this, but many of them do.

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