is it true that hispanic women and asian women are more beautiful than white/cacausian women?

is it true that hispanic women and asian women are more beautiful than white/cacausian women? i'm not being racist here but these day i'm hearing a lot of stuff saying hispanic women r the most beautiful women in the world with a body and asian women r the most attractive women. haven't heard a lot about whites cuz only white i only share my heart to is jessica alba with a passion. britney spears IS not beautiful, aguilera is not and was NEVER beautiful, kristen dunst isn't even mediocre. she's a yuck. if they're just sleeping on 'em, oh well. but i really do think those two races have the best women. not gonna lie.

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    well this is all goin on stereotype. i mean reallly not all hispanics have the same physical features, neither do all blacks, whites, or asians.....


    this is sooo disappointing to me. its difficult to hear all these other races categorized as beautiful and black is basically left out...... ugh... and seiamese_watever ur name is it may be true that we're all intitled to our own opinions but sumthings are never meant to be said.

    how wuld u feel if ur race was alwayz thought of as unattractive. and u cant even count this post as anything cuz the media is always puttin white people first [if u are white] and either way its like their always makin black people out as unattractive unless u culd pass for white.

    which believe it or not gets a lot of black women low self esteem cuz its like we can go to the de-tannin salon and make ourselves light skinned.

    not even talkin about me myself but black women as a whole are effected by this.

    p.s thanx Toby J. and klaudya for expressing black women as beautiful too :)

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    You are aware the Christina Aguilera is half hispanic right? And not they aren't the most beautiful. No race is the most beautiful there is beauty of all races. And yeah lets just say for the heck of it asian was the most beautiful race. How many asian models or celebrities have you seen that aren't in asia? If they are the most beautiful why aren't they in the public eye? Exactly. Stop being a fool.

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    Attractiveness has NOTHING to do with race, beauty comes in all forms. You might have a preference for hispanic or Asian women but that doesn't mean that white women aren't beautiful.

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    There are beautiful women in all races but I'll take a beautiful black woman over a beautiful white one. Latinas are ok, but not so much with asians.

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    If you can judge a whole race because of the looks of a few, then maybe you need to look at these women:

    Jessica Alba is half hispanic, half white. She only looks white because she dyes her hair blonde, and she makes her skin look fairer. Ive seen pictures of her when she was younger.

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    It is a matter of opinion. From my experience, I will have to agree with what you have heard. However, I will further add, just as another person posted, that the most beautiful and exotic women are from Latin America.

    P.S. Jessica Alba is Hispanic (Mexican/French)

    Here are a few Links of beautiful and exotic Latinas:

    Thalia Sodi: (Mexican)

    Giselle Baundet: Puerto Rican

    Gabriela Spanic: (Venezuelan)

    Anais Martinez: (Dominican)

    Also, here is a few Lasian chicks:

    Barbara Mori: (Uruguyan/Japanese)

    Hiromi Hayakawa: (Mexican/Japanese)

    Juliana Imai: (Brazilian/Japanese)

    Also, I might add, Latinas come in all colors - Anais is black.

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    there are some very breathtaking women in every race...but hispanic women when they are breathtaking they do seem to stand out more and Im a heterosexual white girl saying this...I have seen very beautiful white, asian, hispanic and black women...but I do think when hispanic women are beautiful they are incredibly beautiful and maybe its partly bc they just seem exotic...however I hate 2 say it but I disagree with u on the asian women part...I have seen some very pretty ones but even when they are beautiful they dont compare to the beauty of beautiful hispanic women...asian women often are either very plain and avergae and not even cute, or just kinda cute, or cute or very pretty but not really breathtaking or anything.

    And to the people who get offended by this: you must have very low self-esteem he can have his own opinion of what he thinks is most beautiful everybody is entitlled to that

    me personally I find guys with dark hair light skin and strong features most attractive but that is just me.

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    Forgive for forgetting your sn, but to the woman below who said the media puts white women first. People make the mistake in thinking white women WANT to appear that way.

    Brittany spears lost her kids, got big on drugs, and shaved her head in rehab. All sorts of things going on with her. People associate white women with her and say we can't take care of our kids. What about Paris Hilton? Rich spoiled brat who isn't all THAT great looking, if you ask me. Well she definitely supports the worst image a white could have. Flat, spoiled bleach blonde bimbo. Lindsey Lohan? All these party girls, anorexics, rich and spoiled? Hun, the media does NOT favor us. And I'm sure if you heard every day "according the media your women are like this" <--- you'd get sick of it too! Black women are very beautiful, but so are all women. And regardless of what's in the media, I don't want to be portrayed that way. Especially the way the media portrays white women. I'd prefer to just be my own beauty, and not compared to these women.

    Pizzarox are you kidding me? All of these women make up American women. We aren't our own race of people. We don't exactly differ much from non American women.

    And um, the last time I checked there was no definition of racial beauty. I thought we were all equally beautiful, and I thought that was up to each individual to decide for themselves. Quit looking a white celebrities. For some reason when people try to make us white women seem ugly, they use celebrities for example.

    Try looking at real women. And keep your racial opinions to yourself, because the last thing a woman wants to hear is that other women are more beautiful because of their race.

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    Definitely not. White women are by far the most beautiful. That is why men of all races chase them so eagerly.

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