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What is the difference between "Il fait beau" "Il fait bon" and "Il fait frais"?

I am a bit confused, for instance doesnt Il fait bon and Il fait beau both mean sunny?

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    "Il fait beau", means the weather is sunny, but maybe the temperature is not hot at all.

    "Il fait bon" means the temperature is warm (not very hot, but not cold), but the weather may not be sunny.

    "Il fait frais" means the temperature is a little cold (but not that cold, otherwise, it would be "il fait froid").

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      Thanks for the explanation. I am also confused these two phrases.

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    Il Fait Beau

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    Il fait beau ... It is nice (weather) beau means nice

    Il fait bon ... Bon means good, but its more a argo thing in this case... il fait bon.... same as above basically.... BUT it can also be part of a bigger sentence.... Il fait bon vivre ..... Its good to live

    Il fait frais .... Its chilli ....

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    Il fait bon = I don`t usually use this expression, but it means that it feels good outside, the temperature is good etc...

    Il fait beau = it`s sunny.

    Sometimes it feels good outside even when it`s not sunny, for example, at night.

    Source(s): native french & native english speaker
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    "Il fait beau" basically means "the weather is fine"

    "Il fait bon" may mean "It feels good" or "Nice weather"

    The two usually mean the same thing, but if you use the second one if you want to say "It feels so good here!"- "Il fait si bon ici!"

    Il fait frais - you don't use 'frais', but 'froid' to mean "it's cold/chilly"

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