When should I apply lawn fertilizer to St. Augustin grass in Harris County,Texas?

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    Warm season grasses such as your St Augustine, are generally fertilized in the spring, as soon as it starts to show signs of growth. In Harris Cnty this could be early March. It can then be fertilized 3 times throughout the growing season which usually lasts until October, at which time you'll want to apply a last application of a winterizer type fertilizer. Any time that you apply fertilizer on St Augustine turf, do "not" use a weed and feed type (a slow release sulphur coated is best). Most weed & feed ferts contain the herbicide 2,4D which will kill St. Augustine and make a mess of your beautiful lawn. If you have a weed problem, there are special herbicides you can buy specifically made for St Augustine that will cause no harm to the turf.. Hope this answers your question.

    Added Info: Here is a link with a product you can use for weed control on St Augustine. As long as your variety of St Augy is "not" Floritam your ok. It also comes in a granular form as well. Garden centers in Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot etc, should have it available considering this is a common turf in the southern states such as Texas.


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    Before you pick a fertilizer you should have a soil test done to see what your lawn needs. You might choose a fertilizer that won't really be helping your lawn out where it needs help. Your lawn might not need nitrogen but it might need sulfur or lime to adjust the pH. The soil might be low on other nutrients. Have a soil test done because it will save you lawn and you money in the long run

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    when the temperture gets below 70 degrees and stays that way a while

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    when it is completely green around memorial day usually

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