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what are quality brands of bicycles?

i joined my college triathlon team this year but i dont have a bike. so im asking for one this christmas and i have to research brands. I want to know what are the best brands for longevity since ill be buying a used bike. also a road bike. any advice would help alot. thanks

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    Almost all bike manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame. If you don't crash it, a frame lasts for a very long time. I have seen old frames made of all the materials that are common today (of course, carbon is a relatively new material, but there are frames around from when carbon was first available to the consumer). Things like tires, tubes, and brake pads are consumables. You have to replace them when they wear out. Now, what's left? The components. The drive train will last a long time if the chain is replaced before it elongates. Same with the shifters.

    So--how does all this stuff answer your question? All of the bikes made by the major manufacturers will last a long time if they aren't crashed and reasonable maintenance is performed. Go to any bike shop and look at road bikes that cost about $1000. Collect the brand names. You'll find Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, and a host of others. If you find the same brand in more than 2 bike shops, it's very likely to be

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    There is no best brand. Most bikes use many of the same components from Shimano, SRAM, Mavic, Campy etc so largely they are similar. The basic differnece is between the frame design and materials.

    Most brands make a full range of models from entry level to professional.

    The question should be 'what is the best BIKE for me'? The so called 'best' bike in any brand might cost over $5000 and you may not be getting that one for Christmas.

    I advise people to shop for a good bike shop with a pro staff and good service then ask them what the best bike is for your needs. The fit of the bike is most important and you may find the that so called "best" brand does not fit your body type well or for that matter your budget.

    The durability of a bike mostly depends on the component spec and in this area you get what you pay for. Generally for entry level racing, a bike with Shimano Ultegra components provides a great balance of durability, performance, light weight and cost.

    There are literally hundreds of great bike brands in the world.

    Personally I have been loving my Cannondale R2000 road bike, my Gunnar Cross Hairs cross bike and my Specialized Epic mountain bike. So IMHO, as a cyclist for over 25 years, bike shop mechanic, factory rep (Diamond Back and Giant), cycling coach, road and MTB racer, and all around bikie, there is no Best Brand.

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    Intrepid gave a really good answer with some good advice, but if you're looking for a bike specifically made for triathlons, Quintana Roo bicycles are a very good brand. They're a little pricey for the budget minded, but I think they have a couple models in the $1500-$2000 range.

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    Cannondale makes killer road/tri bikes. If you want affordability, check out the Surly line. Maybe the Crosscheck or Long Haul Trucker

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    The Tri athletes I know love Felt bikes.

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    There's a magazine called 'Road Bike Action' where you can find really well-equipped road rigs---get one at your newsstand---or if you want check websites like Jenson USA (,EBAY ( ---under Sporting goods category ( Cycling). Pinarello, Trek, Colnago, Giant are excellent road bikes. Hope you'll find something cool----

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    Mountain bikes = some are: Giant, Kona, Trek, Cannondale, GT

    Road bikes = some are: Orbea, Giant, search the net

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    I think so! And I didn't even know there were other playing card brands out there :P Lol

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    While Intrepid has wome good points, usually life time warranties applies only to the original owner.

    Good luck

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    bianchi, a one word answer. they are consistantly good bikes. esp. the used ones that have the test of time on them.

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