Virgin Mary Sightings?

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Has the Virgin Mary shown herself to indigenous people around the world.
for example

please add to the list
Update : Medjugorje, I'll check that out Thanks!
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  • o answered 6 years ago
Yes she has.

A Catholic (you might research the topic on this website)
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  • Gezza D answered 6 years ago
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  • . answered 6 years ago
    the Virgin Mary appeared in Egypt back in the 60's
    here a story of it with a photo
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  • synopsis answered 6 years ago

    (what is especially interesting about medjugorje is that several of those who saw her believe she still speaks to them. michael palin interviewed one of the visionaries for his 'new europe' travel series.)


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  • aaaaa answered 6 years ago
    i doubt it
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  • rockchalkchickenhawkfku answered 6 years ago
    In that Mexican woman's door (wood grain)

    In my oatmeal (ate it anyway)

    Still waiting on the bacon appearance
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  • YY4Me answered 6 years ago
    Yes. And the Invisible Pink Unicorn has shown herself to me. I mean, I've never actually seen her, but that's the whole point of her being invisible. If I could see her, she wouldn't exist.

    Oh, and I've seen the French Poodle god in clouds. I'm so special it just gives me chills.


    ~ "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." ~
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  • great gig in the sky answered 6 years ago
    I'll ask her next time I see her in church. I am sure she is still in her place there.
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  • birdsflies answered 6 years ago
    This is a trick of satan, Mary is in Heaven, The bible says if God's ministers can be an angel of light, how much more can satan ministers transform themselves into an angel of light, Do you want to know how to tell them part, Give them the complete word test, yes satan can quote a few scriptures as he did to Jesus, But Jesus came back & quoted more scriptures, That is the same today, People can only quote a few verses, But they can NOT quote the whole bible, because it will expose them.
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  • Jack the Giant Killer answered 6 years ago
    No, absolutely not. The virgin Mary has no power whatsoever. She could not appear to anyone no matter how much she or anyone else desired.
    Anyone who claims this is either lying or deceived by Satan.
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