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Derek Jeter Overrated???

Do you think Derek Jeter is overrated??

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    Even though I'm not a Yankees fan Derek Jeter is not overrated.

    Among active players his .317 batting average is 5th and his .388 on-base percentage is 16th.

    He has played in over 1,800 games and has almost 1,400 runs, 2,400 hits, 400 doubles, 800 walks, 300 stolen bases, 1,400 runs created, 100 sacrifice hits, over 3,400 total bases, 50 triples, 1,700 singles and 3,200 times on base.

    He has helped his team win 4 World Series.

    He's already the Yankees all-time singles leader and he may eventually surpass Rickey Henderson as the team's all-time stolen bases leader.

    He has played his entire career for the most popular and successful team in Major League history.

    He will soon surpass Joe Dimaggio on the Yankees all-time runs & doubles list, Mickey Mantle on the all-time hits list and Don Mattingly on the extra-base hits list.

    He is rated exactly where he should be.

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    As a Red Sox fan, I don't usually have many positive things to say about the Yankees, but as a baseball fan I am able to recognize talented players. Derek Jeter is definitely not overated. He has been a solid all around player on one of the best teams to play the game. The Yankees haven't won a world series in quite a few years but he has been one of the constants on that team. The Yankees constantly swap out thier players and buy new talent when they think they need it. Money has never been an issue. If Derek Jeter were not worth it, they would have found someone better by now. The Yankees are not historically known for keeping players out of loyalty.

    For those that think he would not have gotten as much attention if he weren't on the Yankees, I hope you realize he wouldn't have been on the Yankees if he wasn't that good.

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    The entire Yankee/Red Sox nation is overrated. Take a look at All-Star voting! There is a Yankee or Red Sox player starting at all but 2 positions! There isn't a single Yankee that deserves an All-Star start this year, and Manny is the only one that deserves it from Boston. Would Jeter get as much love and attention as he does if he played for Detroit? Nope...he'd just be marginally better than Renteria. Michael Young is by far the best SS in the American League this year, and everybody would know it if he played in New York.

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    I'm a Red Sox fan, and I will say this...he is absolutely NOT overrated. How can someone with 4 World Series Rings be overrated (I can't believe I am saying this). Derek Jeter is the only Yankee player I respect and I think he is an amazing player. If your looking for Mr. Clutch. It's him. To this day...I still think his classic "flip" play to get out Jeremy Giambi in the 2000 ALDS was incredible. Greatest play I have ever seen live.

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    The best way to answer this is remembering that when Alex Rodriguez came to the Yunkies, ( recent for Yankees) he was after Derek's position and he is considered by some, (not me) as the most complete player in the Big Leagues ( his only problem, a small one for his adorers, is that he has never been a clutch hitter and has never been a leader) but he had to agree on playing third base. Derek is, as a player, a gentleman, a top defensive player and probably the best clutch hitter today in baseball and a leader all the way.

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    Absolutely! He is a great player, but so are many others. A lot of how players are rated is related to which team they play for. If Derek Jeter weren't a Yankee, there would be a lot less hype.

    But, he's still a great player.

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    He's overrated by some, but he's still a Hall of Fame player. I don't think his offense is overrated, but his defensive play is definitely given more credit than it deserves.

    It's tough to argue against the offensive ability of a guy with a .317/.388/.462 line, who's likely to end up over 3,000 hits. His power numbers are respectable, and he's kept those numbers up in the postseason. His defense is his weakness, and it's shocking that he's won three Gold Gloves given that his range factor and zone rating numbers are so bad.

    I guess I'd say that he's overrated only in certain cases, as when people try to compare him to former Yankee greats like Ruth, Gehrig or Dimaggio. He's a great player in his own right, but not on their level. However, he also takes his share of abuse from those who say stuff like "he sucks," when the numbers definitely don't indicate that.

    I notice that someone mentioned Jeter being "clutch" - I just wanted to note that if you look at his stats, his clutch numbers are just about equivalent to his overall career numbers. This makes sense, given that "clutch" hitting really doesn't exist, and almost every player will regress to the norm if the sample size is large enough.

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    As a Yankee fan I hate to say this but Jeter would not get as much attention if he were on another team. He's a good player but there are a list of people that are better.

    But I love Jeter and couldn't picture the Yankees without him. He brings sooo much to the team that even the greatest player couldn't.

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    Well to be honest,,and this is comming from a die hard yankee fan! in the last 3 yrs Jeter has SUCKED in the playoffs! Arod has taken most of the heat for not comming through in a clutch in the playoffs! But Jetts,(and i love the guy)

    Has done Squats in the playoffs! But because he's the caption! he always gets the free get out of jail pass!! And i no i'll get alot of thumbs down for this answer,,but i call it as i see


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    offensively he is a great shortstop but defensively he is extremely overrated. he has no range up the middle so he gets to less balls then average SSs do. its also a fact that its impossible for him to commit an error at home. the scorer for the Yankees just refuses to do it. i watched a Yankees Sox game last year where Jeter fielded a ground ball that was right at him and he threw the ball wide left of the 1B by four feet. the runner would have been out by two steps if it was a good throw but they gave him a base hit! it was the worst scoring i have ever seen and I imagine its like that all year long for Jeter at Yankee stadium.

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