Give me examples of how the sec is the best football conf. Like real game scores?

I get tired of everybody claiming Sec is so hard to play in.......USC or Oklahoma could wipe the floor with any Sec team.


This year not like 14 years ago or something

Update 2:

In 2003 Lsu was basically playing a home game and beat OU by 7 points WOW!!!

Update 3:

christia.....are you having a mental breakdown? I know people seem to get rather defensive when they know the truth

Update 4:

I like how everyone that sec fan flips out like im talking about their redneck kids or something.

Update 5:

Like I thought.....No tangible evidence just random crap

Update 6:

oooo Zinger threw me a Yeah lsu beat virginia tech.....but I didn't say anything about virginia tech. Alabama also lost to L. Monroe. Auburn barely beat k-state at home and K-state is not even in the top eight teams in the big twelve.

Update 7:

Zinger, I have a show its called how to piss off crazy rednecks. Im also on another show: Who wants to date your mom

Update 8:

California(7th in Pac 10) vs. Tenn. (2nd Sec. Result: Cal 45 Tenn 31

K-State(9th Big 12) AT auburn (3rd SEC) Result: (Well K-State was up with 7 minutes left but couldn't pull it out) Auburn 23 K-State 13

Okie State(8th in Big 12) AT Georgia( almost in national championship because Sec is so tough) Result: Georgia 34 Okie State 14 ( OU beat osu 49-17 and thats an instate rivalry)

South Carolina lost to clemson

Vanderbilt lost to Wake Forest 31-17

Missouri beat the crap out of Ole Miss.

Florida State beat bama

Miss St got hammered by West Virginia

Auburn Loses to South Florida.

Even though Auburn and Georgia beat the low half of the the Big 12, they didn't do it in a way that would lead you to believe they are the dominent conference that you rednecks claim. Look at all the losses.

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    1 decade ago
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    SEC is over-rated. If you read between the lines of their claims, it's because every SEC team has 2 losses or more. So that means they have a "tough conference" Now, there are certain TEAMS in the SEC right now that are very good, LSU for one.

    USC is overrated too. Anybody in the SEC or Big Ten could destroy USC.

    Oklahoma, on the other hand, is right now (I think) the best team in the country, and it's sad they were not allowed a spot in the National Championship game.

    I'm a huge Ohio State fan, but I admit that it really should have been Oklahoma vs. LSU for the title. They really were the two best teams the last week of the season.

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    I'm a WVU fan (obviously bitter right now...but I'll live) and root for the Big East in general. But to answer your question:

    I can't. Nor will I say that USC or Oklahoma could wipe the floor with ANY SEC team.

    If anything, this year has proven that the playing field is a lot more even now with the new speed/spread offenses and the cap put on universities dealing with "x" amount of scholarships per program. There also is a bigger pool of players to choose from.

    Instead of arguing with each other and basically having a, for lack of a better word, pissing contest about "My schools better than your school...even though they don't play each other." Let's band together and start screaming "WE NEED A PLAYOFF!!" Then we can really say which teams or conferences are the best. Because, let's be honest.

    If you really want to talk about which conference is best, you have to see who wins the conference bowl series championship (meaning the conference that wins the most bowl games at the end of the year). Last year that was the Big East and, other than a few of us diehard Big East fans, noone is going to argue that the Big East was the "best conference" last year. Hmmmm, maybe they should I'd rather have a playoff.

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    I am a Buckeye fan.. so I know I am going to be hated just for that, but hola I live in Ohio!

    However, the SEC is the best conference and there is no argument I could give against that. The only thing I can say is that the SEC is not in a league of their own like many think they are. UL Monroe, USF proved that this year. No they didn't beat elite SEC powers but they did beat middle of the road SEC teams which says something considering USF is a middle to upper level Big East team and ULM is from the Sun Belt and not even the best team in that conference. The argument for the SEC is that they are the only conference that has NOT lost a BCS National Championship game (hopefully that changes this year) but there is something to say for that. That means that when given the chance they have proven to be better. As far as the Big East winning all 5 of their bowl games last year if you look at who they played compared to the other BCS conference bowl games it will be quite obvious why no one considered them the best conference. They played a lot of non-BCS schools except Wake in their BCS bowl.

    Source(s): Big 10 2-1 in bowl games against the SEC last year
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    Man, how come you are not on television sports talk shows. I Iisten to them all the time and it's almost unanimous among them that the SEC is the toughest. So, please tell me what name you go by if you actually do talk shows. Also, the NFL scouts are pretty dumb as well since there are more SEC starters in the NFL than any other conference. I guess we all can't be as smart as you.

    Alright dumbazz, let's go with this. You name me one team outside of an inter-conference game where OSU or USC played a team that finished the season ranked in the Top 10. OSU, Kansas and Missouri played among themselves. Of course, USC lost to mighty Stanford and played no one near the Top 10 outside of their conference. Now, LSU beat Virginia Tech 47-7 when both teams were healthy.

    Your question sounds like random bullsh*t. Answer my paragraph above with real game scores.

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    WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. USC and Oklahomo couldn't and would not wipe the floor with SEC powerhouses. First of all LSU is playing for the National title and Ohio State the Big Ten pussyhouse is it. Where is Oklahoma??? Where is USC??? in BCS bowls but not in the title game huh?? LSU and the Florida Gators can beat USC and OU. Tennessee, Alabama, and other teams like Kentucky and Georgia and Auburn are real incosistent but thats only because the SEC has the best athletes and upsets happen anytime and They can beat USC and OU if the play to the potenial. You see this college football season?? The SEC wasnt suprised at all. SEC owns all.

    Source(s): Common Sense.
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    1 decade ago

    What is choklahoma's bowl record for the last 5 years? You come out talking about the SEC conference, but your only naming USC and Oklahoma... Do you want to compare conferences or just one of your teams?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oklahomo sucks.

    Remember Boise State?

    Where is your tangible evidence that Oklahomo or USC could wipe the floor (they play on fields, or gridirons, not floors Einstein)?

    Yep, just some inbred rambling from a real douchebag.

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    Like Oklahoma did against LSU in 2003, right?

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    1 decade ago

    Give me an example of how USC and Oklahoma could wipe the floor with any SEC team............. Thought so.

  • 1 decade ago

    okrahoma would?


    boise state repeat for okrahoma this year...wvu runs amok.

    how in the world do you want to discuss football and whether or not usc or okrahoma is better than any sec school? you've given no example yourself as to why a team that lost to stanford or a team that lost to the tortilla boys and colorado are better. would they kick the crap outta ole miss... sure. vandy too, but after that, there's no telling what the matchups are.

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