Spotting after sex..39 weeks 3 days pregnant?

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I already called my doc. and the nurse told me make sure my baby is active and to give her a call after 1 if I am still spotting. I had sex last night and when I went to clean up more
Update : No, baby is moving I just dont feel it. I know she is because my stomach more
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  • Eve answered 6 years ago
If it's red or pink it's fresh blood.

If it's tan or brown it's from the same incident but getting better and you shouldn't worry.

This sounds like your spotting was from the sex. If you see red again, call your doctor.

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Yea, I went to the doc. and he told me the same thing. Thanks everyone
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  • *Ashley* answered 6 years ago
    Sometimes sex brings on labour. It could be that you lost your mucus plug last night which is usually a pinky colour and mucousy. Menstrual like cramps are also sometimes a sign of labour.
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  • stacy l answered 6 years ago
    sounds to me like this is just from having sex. when you are pregnant you swell down there. when you are as far along as you are it could be because your cervix moves doen closer to the vagina to open for delevery. the spotting could be from you dialating. Have you ever noticed at ur dr. app. when they check you you spot later in the day? its normal dont worry! you could possibly go into labor in the next couple of days. thats why they say you should have alot of sex to help go into labor! good luck!
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  • autum_mist answered 6 years ago
    If you don't feel the baby move 10 times in 2 hours then go get it check out just to be safe! If I'm worried that my little one inside isn't moving I will lay down on the bed and poke my finger where he usually kicks and he will normally always kick back( might have to do it a few times) they are sensitive to movement and touch that will get the baby thinking it's play time and try to kick you where your hand is! it's funny! Doctors told me to do that and play with him!!
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  • jackie answered 6 years ago
    it is normal to have spotting after sex...but if you are not feeling the baby moving i would be going to be checked out
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