I have download mac OS x leopard from torrent it in format of .dmg how to burn dmg file to DVD to boot the OS?

the mac os leopard was download from torrent site and is in the dmg format. the dmg file in size of 7.5gb.how to burn the dmg file to the double layer DVD and make it to boot the os and install in on my intal based pc

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    use nero or CDBurnerXP, not sure if nero will handle .dmg files natively, you may have to convert to .ISO, then choose "burn disc from ISO"

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    Os X Leopard Torrent

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    This file format is in the form of a Mac OSX Disk image. You have to convert the .dmg to .iso. the software for converting is given below.

    Install the software and then convert the disk image and when it is converted to .iso burn it onto a dvd using any burning software like nero,etc.

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    As far as i know mac os cannot be installed on regular pc. Although they both run on intel processor, all other component in mac is different from pc. Like motherboard, graphics card, etc. The mac os software expects these to be present hence it is unlikely you will be able to run mac on pc unless you can get a emulator software that emulate a mac on pc. Still i would not prefer to use emulator. Most emulators in my opinion sucks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How could you screw Apple over like that? If you would have downloaded Vista then I wouldn't care but Apple? The company that puts so much effort and actually does a good job with their products. Shame

    Besides Mac can't be installed on a PC, it only works the other way around.

  • 1 decade ago

    Use Alcohol 120%, then mount it on a DVD/CD

  • 1 decade ago

    One question where you got the torrent

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