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Pig shooters?

My daughter is dating a guy who is proud of being a pig and kangaroo shooter, I find this cruel and offensive, what do you think?

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    I think it depends on his reasons for being a pig and kangaroo shooter. If he shoots them "for sport" or because he just doesn't like them, then that is cruel. If he shoots them for meat, or to control the population (I don't live in Australia, but I understand that 'roos are considered a pest in some areas), then it might be okay.

    I think his attitude is the important thing to look at. If he respects the animals, and does not waste any of the animals he kills, then it is acceptable. If he acts all macho because he is able to kill helpless animals, then that is cruel, and I would worry what other helpless animals he might kill or abuse. Also, I would worry about how he treats humans, especially your daughter.

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    I guess that all depends on where you live and if it is considered hunting or not. I myself hunt but dont live anywhere near a kangaroo.

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    well...ummm...a piggy is ok.....but...a kangaroo is too much...why dont you use your daughter to stop him?

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