What is the name of the song from the movie -"Gotti" - which Armand Assante plays in?

Ya know (ya, I wish one of you people did know) don't any of you have brains? I look at these questions that most of you ask - AND - I feel sorry for you. Call Jerry Springer, or Montel - jeeez - get a , uh, clue! I want to know an artist that was probably a "One Hit Wonder" but yet made a song that atleast 18 people I know right now would love to buy and hear, and all you wackadoos want is questions answered about your toes, your ***, your boy friend who cheated (which would mean HE ISN'T YOUR BOY FRIEND - DUHHHH) and just stupid crap! Where is Kenny Jammin Jason or Ralphie Rockin Rosario? In Chicago you nitwits, they could answer this "REAL" question, that would make a bunch of people happy - instead of just you - you idiots. Gimme a real DJ- cuz Kenny and Ralphie have day jobs and wouldn't waste their time on this crap !!!!. A Chicago Girl who isn't selfish. Frickin dummies.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    feel your grief man ..some clones out here ..

    sorrie ..i don't know the answer to your question..

    hope some body hits it for you ..

    peace out...

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