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關於戲劇演出這件事其實我有點一頭物水。記得第一次預演前我傳了一封簡訊給xx,告知她家裡有點事情無法參加。幾天後,xx傳簡訊問我是怎麼了嗎?是不是有困難?i felt a little bit confused about what she sent to me,所以我就沒有回她了。後來也都沒有接到第二,三次預演的通知,也是覺得怪怪的。直到了近前幾個禮拜,xx告訴我說他幫我跟您說我無法參加演出了。雖然一切都來的很莫名奇妙,但我也沒有多問什麼。或許xx怕我有太多負擔吧.....................................但我沒有回電話這不代表我對於這件事情有任何不想負責或是想逃避,我非常樂意謂戲劇演出近一份心力,甚至也有問同學幫忙鋼琴伴奏的事情,只是突然間這樣,我自己都是一頭霧水......................





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    以下翻譯人名00就維持00; XX 當然就維持XX 請自行填入喔!

    Dear Professer,

    How are you? I am 00. I am terribily sorry about not returning your telephone call. I did not mean to do this on purpose, please kindly understand that expressing in English is a true difficulty for me. In the mean time, please do not feel offended. Certainly, I have the confidence that you will think of me in a positive way.

    About performing on stage, I am really confused by this matter. I still remember before the first pre-act that I messaged XX about not able to go due to Family issues. After a few days, XX messaged me and was concerned about my situation. I felt confused on this message so I did not return this message. Then, I felt a little strange about not receiving the second and the third pre-act notices. Until to current few weeks, XX told me that he (這裡如果XX是女的請改成she) already told you that I am unable to perform. All these things cause great confusion to me because I did not tell XX the exact Family issues I had. Maybe XX just is concerned about me. However, I have to phrase again that I did not avoid any responsibilities and I also did not want to quit. I have huge passion about the performance and I even offered classmate to be as piano accompaniment. (這個句子因為中文部分不太詳細所以英文部分幫您翻成 =你願意幫忙同學當鋼琴的伴奏=)

    Anyway, I just want to be clarify the situation and express my will.

    Weather is changing dramatically, please take care.

    Sincerly yours,


    2007-12-18 16:24:36 補充:

    Sorry, 改成這句比較好:

    Anyway, I just want to clarify the situation and express my opinion.

    Source(s): me studying more than 7 years overseas
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