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Psychology vs. Psychiatry, what are the differences??

How does Psychology(psychologist) differ from Psychiatry(psychiatrists)?

Am I correct in thinking that one tries to resolve problems with verbal therapy and the other medications.

And what are the achedemic requirements for both, are both considered MD?


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    A Psychiatrist is an M.D. who diagnosis and prescribes medications for psychiatric illnesses. They sometime also do psychotherapy (talk therapy, analysis, movement therapy, etc.), but rarely these days.

    A Psychologist is a PhD who uses a variety of therapeutic methods to help people solve their problems or function more productively in society. You can also get degrees in psychology at the undergrad and Masters levels. In the U.S.A. your ability to practice psychology or psychotherapy without a PhD is determined by the individual states' laws.

    Psychologists and Psychiatrists often work together to treat a patient especially if the patient needs a specific type of medications and needs those meds monitored.

    Both a PhD Psychologist and a Psychiatrist are called Dr.. but only the Psychiatrist is an M.D. (meaning he has been to medical school following his undergrad and has had specialized training beyond that - usually 7 years of college and medical school.)

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    A Psychologist is someone that has

    1)bachelors in Psychology + Master's + PhD in Clinical Psychology

    2) bachelors + PhD in Psychology

    He has usually 4 undergraduate years of school and at least 5 of grad school, however is not licensed to prescribe any medication. Except in two states, I believe. The typical salary for a psychologist can range anywhere from 60-95 thousand a year.

    A Psychiatrist is someone that has 4 years of undergraduate education+ 4/5 years of Medical Education+a Residency in Psychiatry. A Psychiatrist is an MD so therefore can prescribe medicine. Salaries range from 130 - 215 thousand a year.

    Good Luck=D

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    Psychiatrists have MDs. Psychologists don't. Both do verbal therapies. But Psychiatrists can also prescribe medications in addition to verbal.

    Psychologists = BS (bachelor of science) + MS (master of science) = 4+2 = around 6 yrs

    Psychiatrists = BS + MD + psychiatry specialty training = 4 + 4 + 3 yrs = around 11 yrs.

    good luck, buddy.

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    Psychiatrists are medical doctors with advanced training in psychiatry. They can prescribe drugs. Many focus their professional work on medication prescription and management. Psychologists may have a doctoral degree but it's a PhD, not a medical degree. Some psychologists have just a Master's degree but generally speaking the most successful ones have the PhD. They may concentrate on testing, analysis, research or therapy or some combination of these.

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    Theres only one difference between to to psychology is simply counseling and similar work, psychiatry means that you have a medical degree behind it. A psychologist can not dispense medicine, while a psychiatrist can. The careers are similar and it all depends on what field you intend in going into. Unless your really into meds Id suggest psychologist and when you get right down to it, if your desire is helping people aim for counselor certification, its considered counseling but counselors do more or less the same as psychologists, but pull a smaller pay.

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    A Psychiatrist must have a PHD a Psychologist can have a BA - PHD, but can't distribute meds unless they have a PHD. You can talk to a psychiatrist just like a psychologist, you don't need both, unless you have a psychologist and they recommend you to a psychiatrist for medication. You don't necessariarly have to be comfortable talking with them; your psychologist can send over paper work so you can meet say a few words and get your prescription.

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    Psychologist does testing and counseling. These are the people you usually consider to be "your therapist".

    Psychiatrist is a prescribing medical doctor who oversees mental health patients and their meds, if any.

    Both of these differ from a social worker, by the way, just tossing that in because this is my education background. Social workers connect people with the services they need, and these services may be medical but don't have to be.

    It's a pretty tight little team, each having their own role to play in a person's care. But they overlap some too.

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    Psychiatrists are MD's. Psychologists are not (I believe they only need a Master Degree).

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    i believe psychologists do the research + development and come up with the info that psychiatrists use to help patients one on one. also, psychiatrists can prescribe medicines while psychologists cannot. psychologists have a Phd while psychiatrists do not. hope that helps.

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    Your right, but only psychiatrists are considered MD's.

    I cant remember what psychologists are considered.

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