Which actor gave the best depiction of an American Soldier?

Martin Sheen in "Gettysburg"

George C. Scott in "Patton"

Gregory Peck in "MacArthur"

Audie Murphy in "To Hell and Back"

John Wayne in "The Green Beret"

Stephen Lang in "Gods and Generals"

I'd go with Lang as General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson in "Gods and Generals"

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    None of those.

    Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in WWII but a really bad actor.

    The most realistic portrayal of an American soldier was Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko.

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    Audie Murphy WAS that soldier! "To Hell and Back" is HIS story of how he became the most-decorated soldier in World War II, so I'll vote for Audie!

    I have to mention Robert Mitchum, who received praise and lots of attention via his role in "The Story of G.I. Joe" (1945), for which he received a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

    But, check out Lee Marvin as The Sergeant in "The Big Red One", especially his response to the little boy rescued from the work camp who dies soon after. This is from director Sam Fuller's WWII experiences, and it's a powerful film that does have touches of humor. All of the guys are amazing, but Lee Marvin captures so much attention with a very low-key performance as the war-weary soldier.

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    I'd say James Whitmore in an oldie called "Battleground" about the 101st Airborne at Bastogne or Morgan Freeman in "Glory".

    Just my opinion.

    Added later: Charlie Sheen and William Dafoe were both good in Platoon.

    Don't know if you've ever read To Hell and Back but Hollywood made some stupid changes for no apparent reason that I could see.

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    An American soldier? No doubt. Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

    Talented, brave, unassuming, with a never give up attitude.

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    Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan". He gave a really good example of how people in the service are selfless buy serving their country and carrying out their duty.

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    I'd Have to say Martin Sheen...but not for "Gettysburg".....but for "APOCALYPSE NOW"

    I'd also give recognition to Tom Hanks in "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" and to Tom Cruise in "BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY"

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    The WORST was Jake Gyllenhall in Jarhead. Worst movie, ever.

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    I reacon all the guys from Saving Priavte Ryan did a great guy esspecially Tom Hanks (like the part on the boats as they are about to reach the shore and he's all shaking and everything)

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    no question, R. Lee Ermey, the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. He didn't really have to act, since he really was an infantryman in VietNam.

    Scott in Patton was great too.

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