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Is it it true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Say if you get bruised up a lot and then the bruises heal. Will you get stronger and will it be harder for bruises to appear on your body. When you get hit.

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    what if someone blows your arm off.... that arm obviously cant get stronger. but its really about mentaly. most of the time. imean you could deffinatley be traumatized and become a vegatable. but imean if theres a death in your family, and you get over it, you emerge from a challenge a stronger minded person

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    It's a mental thing rather than a physical thing. You learn from your experiences - it doesn't kill you, but makes you stronger.

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    They aren't talking physically but mentally.

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    no, that quote doesn't apply to your body's ability to be "damaged" and hurt

    The quote is not really to be taken that literally. It basically means that you learn from your experiences.

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  • S P
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    um no. It is mentally stronger, not physically.

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    well thats not true but other things like if someone broke up with you

    well thats what i think

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