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maria antwinette? QUEEN OF FRANCE LONG TIME AGO! yeah PLEASEEEEEEEEE hlep with the movie! PLEASE!?

i just got done seeing the movie MARIE ANTWINETTE about a queen in france from a long time ago, based on a true story from her diary, and they kill her cuz she is from a different country, spends to much money, and everythign......WELL, in the movie, at the verry i mean verry end where they just show the room with a broken shantaler and a bed,

What was the meaning of that, did she get killed, and did she leave france before she was killed.....?

Give me some ending details!


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    I don't know about the movie, but go to Yahoo search and type in Marie Antoinette. When it comes up, goto the one under wikipedia, you'll find out what you need to know.

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    Maria Antonia, that was her Austrian name, was the last Queen of France. She was taken to be 'jailed' in a government building, while she saw one of her children die. Eventually, months after her husband was killed by the if I remember history correctly Jacobins, and months after a few failed attempts at freeing her and getting her out of France by secret, she was trialed and guillotined on the same day.

    Her life is an example of a bird in a guilded cage. It is true that she had to wait about ten years to get to have children, which meant that within those ten years her husband could have annulled the marriage and have sent her back as the 'barren' princess to her home in Austria to be disgraced. Yes it is true that she did overspend, but I blame the King for all that, he should have allocated less money to the Versailles and all their luxuries. She died admitting that she was not the Queen of France anymore but the servant of it. Imagine, a princess from a foreign country that had recently been at war with France, and the gossip that the royals were spending all of France away (although helping us Yanks was one of the major causes of the Bankruptcy).

    To me it is a bit like the Romanovs and how they were killed by the Bulsheviks. I feel sorry for the wife and the children, they were not to blame for the faulty leadership.

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    Marie Antoinette had her head cut off at the guillotine in 1793. She was killed because she was queen of France, and France was undergoing a Revolution (specifically at the time, it was a Terror. Tons of aristocrats were killed, her husband, Louis XVI as well).

    I hope this helps!

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    By the way, it's Marie Antoinette.

    It ends with her leaving Versailles, which is a palace on the outskirts of Paris. In the end of the movie, they're taking her to Paris, to the Conciergerie, where she stays before she's guillotined. If you know the history, it's pretty easy to understand.

    Source(s): Saw the movie, know the history, been to Versailles and the Conciergerie.
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    Marie Antoinette died by guillotine. She was executed during a revolution to replace the decaying aristocratic rule of her husband Louis the 14th of France. They chopped off her head. She is famous for saying of the starving French people

    "Let them eat cake"

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    its marie antoinette, and she gotted stopped at the border. the movie cuts that out so its a happy-ish ending

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    Well first of all,

    It's "Marie Antoinette" and yes she got killed,

    and she got killed in France.

    I suggest you go and Google her.

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